1. (variety) 
a. la gama (F) 
You can choose from our wide range of products.Puedes elegir entre nuestra amplia gama de productos.
b. el rango (M) 
The age range of children will vary depending on the activity.El rango de edades de los niños variará según la actividad.
c. el registro (M) (music) 
This song will showcase your singing range.Esta canción demostrará tu registro vocal.
2. (reach) 
These weapons can fire at long range. Estas armas pueden disparar a largo alcance.
b. la cobertura (F) (cell phone) 
My phone always goes out of range in the countryside. Mi celular siempre sale de la cobertura en el campo.
3. (for shooting) 
We can try out our guns in the shooting range.Podemos probar nuestras pistolas en el campo de tiro.
4. (grazing land) 
a. el prado (M) 
The grass from the range is healthier for cattle.La hierba del prado es más sana para el ganado.
5. (appliance) 
a. la placa (F) 
We have to use the microwave since the range is broken.Tenemos que usar el microondas porque la placa está rota.
b. la estufa (F) (Latin America) 
You can cook the meat on the range.Puedes cocinar la carne en la estufa.
c. el fogón (M) (Spain) 
I would like to have a gas range.Me gustaría tener un fogón de gas.
intransitive verb
6. (to vary) 
a. oscilar 
The children's ages range from two to four years in day care.La edad de los niños oscila entre los dos y cuatro años en la guardería.
1. (of weapon, telescope, hearing) 
a. el alcance (M) 
2. (of ship, plane) 
a. la autonomía (F) 
out of rangefuera del alcance
within rangeal alcance
3. (of prices, colors, products) 
a. la gama (F) 
4. (of instrument, voice) 
a. el registro (M) 
5. (of knowledge) 
a. la amplitud (F) 
6. (of research) 
a. el ámbito (M) 
7. (of hills, mountains) 
a. la cordillera (F) 
8. (practice area) 
a. no direct translation 
(shooting) rangecampo de tiro
9. (cooker) 
a. la fogón m, cocina or (F) 
b. la estufa de carbón (F) () 
transitive verb
10. (arrange in row; troops, books) 
a. alinear 
to range oneself with/against somebodyalinearse con/en contra de alguien
11. (travel) 
a. recorrer 
intransitive verb
12. (extend) 
a. no direct translation 
ages ranging from ten to ninetyedades comprendidas entre los diez y los noventa años
during the summer temperatures range from 21 to 30 degreesdurante el verano las temperaturas oscilan entre los 21 y los 30 grados
to range overabarcar, comprender
range [reɪndʒ]
1 [of mountains] cadena (f)
a range of hills una cadena de colinas; a range of mountains una cadena montañosa or de montañas; una cordillera; the Absaroka Range la cordillera Absaroka
the back faces west towards a range of mountains an impressive range of hills topped with trees the plain lies beyond this range of hills
2 (extent)
there is a wide range of ability in the class los niveles de aptitud en la clase varían mucho; your weight is within the normal range su peso está dentro de lo normal; all this was beyond her range of experience todo esto estaba fuera de su campo de experiencia
he had to use the full range of his imagination
the full range of his work is on view se expone su obra en todo su ámbito
his teaching covered the whole range of his subject technology is increasing the range of influence of higher education the range of his ideas is limited
3 (Mús) [of instrument, voice] registro (m)
she had a marvellous voice with an extraordinary range I had a very low contralto voice and a narrow range
4 (selection, variety) (gen) variedad (f)
there was a wide range of opinions había gran variedad de opiniones; las opiniones variaban mucho; a wide range of colours una amplia gama de colores; they come in a range of sizes vienen en varios or diversos tamaños; she has a wide range of interests tiene muchos y diversos intereses; there was a whole range of options open to us frente a nosotros se abría un amplio abanico de posibilidades
we are working on a whole range of issues we provide a full range of services the disease affects a wide range of people a broad range of opinion a shop stocking a wide range of goods they have proposed a meeting to discuss a range of subjects there was a limited range of options available a narrow range of choices Smith employed a range of research techniques they have been encouraged to express a range of feelings a wide range of students from different economic backgrounds the conference touched on a wide range of issues the chance to participate in a wide range of additional activities outside the classroom
(Comm) (product line) línea (f); (selection) gama (f); selección (f)
the new autumn range la nueva línea de otoño; we stock a full range of wines tenemos una selección or gama completa de vinos
a car at the lower end of the range our new range of skin care products a new car in the VW range TESCO is launching a new range of wines this month the range includes chests of drawers, tables and wardrobes they stock a wide range of electrical goods create entry for 'mid-range'
create entry for 'top-of-the-range' that's outside my range
5 [of gun, missile] alcance (m); [of plane, ship] autonomía (f); radio (m) de acción; [of car] autonomía (f); [of transmitter] radio (m) de acción
a gun with a range of three miles un cañón con un alcance de tres millas
the 120mm mortar has a range of 18,000 yards
within range (of sth/sb) a tiro (de algo/algn)
people living within range of Iraqi missiles within firing range of the target within range of their aircraft the snake waits until its victim is within range before it attacks she was shaking hands with everyone within range cars drove through the mud, splashing everyone within range
to come within range (of sth/sb) ponerse a tiro (de algo/algn)
he lashed out at anyone who came within range
out of range (of sth/sb) fuera del alcance (de algo/algn)
the village was out of range of their artillery the fish stayed 50 yards offshore, well out of range their tanks stayed just beyond the range of our big guns within five seconds at most the birds are out of range the Japanese retreated out of range of the American guns a cruising speed of 14 knots over a range of 7,000 nautical miles the car's top speed is 75mph and it has a range of 267 miles tactical nuclear weapons have shorter ranges Soviet-built missiles, which have a range of several hundred miles what is the range of their transmitters? range of [hearing]
range of vision campo (m) visual
it was beyond my range of vision a high-frequency sound wave, out of range of the human ear the trees on the mountains within my range of vision had all been felled something monstrous, /just beyond the range of her vision/, was taking shape in the shadows
6 (distance from target) distancia (f)
it can kill at a range of 200 metres the enemy opened fire at a range of only 20 yards
at close range de cerca; a corta distancia
he was shot in the head at close range to photograph wild animals from close range McCoist knocked the ball in from close range he shot the President twice at close range
at long range de lejos; a larga distancia
most of the fighting was done at long range by artillery men besieged in arsenals use revolvers at long range and rifles for close combat
to find the/one's range determinar la distancia a la que está el objetivo
the first shot was to help the gunners find their range the German ships had found the range from thirteen miles away and a shell struck us she found her range with some superb ground strokes in the second set he recovered from losing the first set to find his range with some superb passes, and took the next two it took Spartak just 12 minutes to find their range as Pisarev broke through and scored
7 (Bot) (Zool) [of species] (zona (f) de) distribución (f)
this is outside its normal range the plant has a limited range its range extends to León
8 especially (US) (Agr) pradera (f); pampa (f); (S. Cone) llano (m); especially (Ven)
/wanted: experienced range cattle hand/, job requires workers to attend herds on the range they are driven north each spring across the open range
9 (for shooting) campo (m) de tiro
we heard her out at the practice range with the guns Dena discovered that a practice range existed, and she went through the gun cases eagerly
a [driving] range the hotel has two 18-hole courses, one nine-hole course and a driving range a golf professional who ran a driving range near Fort Bragg I can do it on the practice range but not on the course
10 (also kitchen range) fogón (m)
if the kitchen has a gas range she was sitting in the chair by the range with Dickon on her lap I lit the kitchen range with the aid of an old newspaper
transitive verb
1 (line up, place) alinear
chairs were ranged against one wall las sillas estaban alineadas frente a una pared
the boys ranged themselves in rows they ranged themselves along the pavement to see the procession the trunks and boxes were pushed untidily around, ranged in an unwelcoming disorder some 300 trees have been ranged along the perimeter hedge books were ranged on shelves on the walls the prisoners were ranged to one side of the cave he eyed the packets and cans ranged in ranks along the shelves
ranged left/right [+text] alineadoaalineada a la izquierda/derecha;a alineada most of the party is ranged against him la mayoría de los miembros del partido se ha alineado en contra suya
more than 1,500 police and troops are ranged against them despite the forces ranged against it, Iraq was willing to face any opposition to range o.s. [with] [behind] sb if the United States were immediately to range herself with us in this conflict the masses who respond to their call and range themselves behind them
2 (rove) [+country] recorrer
he ranged the whole country looking for them neglected youngsters ranging the streets they range the unsettled countryside unchecked
to range the seas surcar los mares
to range a gun on sth/sb apuntar un cañón a algo/algn
intransitive verb
1 (extend) extenderse
the search ranged over the whole country se llevó a cabo la búsqueda por todo el país; the conversation ranged over many issues la conversación abarcó muchos temas; his eye ranged over the horizon escudriñó el horizonte
he has a criminal record ranging over more than 20 years research ranging over a wide field an interesting and varied selection of music, ranging through blues, swing, Latin and ballads the discussions ranged over subjects including religion and the Middle East
2 (vary within limits)
prices range from £3 to £9 los precios varían de 3 a 9 libras; los precios oscilan entre las 3 y las 9 libras; the women ranged in age from 14 to 40 la edad de las mujeres iba de los 14 a los 40 años or oscilaba entre los 14 y los 40 años
estimates of the number of redundancies range as high as 2,000 temperatures range from five to 30 degrees they received fairly light sentences ranging between three and 10 years their politics ranged from liberal to radical the topics ranged from a broad discussion of party unity to real specific questions his elegant comments ranged from: "they haven't got a clue" to "not bad" special Christmas prices range between 149 and 179 pounds the number of Iraqi soldiers killed or wounded in the Gulf War range between 85,000 and 100,000 they range in price from $3 to $15 offering merchandise ranging from the everyday to the esoteric
3 (wander)
hyenas range widely in search of carrion las hienas recorren muchos lugares en busca de carroña
trout will range [over] considerable distances feeding is not a problem because the birds range over such a large area
animals ranging through the jungle animales vagando por or merodeando por la jungla
4 (Bot) darse; (Zool) distribuirse
the birds range over a large area in 1900 the cheetah ranged over Africa this plant ranges all over the southern Andes
5 [+gun]
it ranges over 300 miles tiene un alcance de trescientas millas
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