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masculine noun
1. mess (comida)
2. ranch (granja del Oeste)
3. shack, shanty (en la ciudad) (CSur, Venezuelan Spanish)
4. = small farmhouse and outbuildings
1 (México) (granja) ranch; small farm
2 (Latinoamérica) (choza) hut; thatched hut; (casa de campo) country house; villa
3 (Caribe) (chabola) shanty; shack
ranchos (And) (Caribe) shanty town
4 (Náutica) crew's quarters
; (p)
5 (campamento) camp; settlement
6 (Mil) mess; communal meal; (comida) bad food; grub (familiar)
asentar el rancho (preparar la comida) to prepare a meal; (organizarse) to settle in; get things organized; hacer el rancho to have a meal
hacer rancho aparte to set up on one's own; go one's own way
7 (S. Cone) (sombrero) straw hat
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