1. (anger) 
a. la furia (F) 
He was blinded by rage when he hit her.Estaba cegado de furia cuando la golpeó.
I was filled with rage when I saw that injustice.Me llené de cólera cuando vi esa injusticia.
c. la ira (F) 
I feel so much rage when I think of his deception!¡Me da tanta ira cuando pienso en sus engaños!
2. (latest fashion) 
a. el furor (M) 
Do you like my new fringed boots? They are all the rage nowadays.¿Te gustan mis botas con flecos? Hacen furor hoy en día.
It seems those phones are all the rage. Everybody wants one!Parece que esos teléfonos son el último grito de la moda. ¡Todos quieren uno!
intransitive verb
3. (to get furious) 
a. rabiar 
Seeing the damage to his car made him rage.Ver lo que le pasó a su carro lo hizo rabiar.
My father went into a rage when I told him I had quit college.Mi padre se encolerizó cuando le dije que me salí de la universidad.
4. (to spread) 
The wild fire raged across several towns.El incendio forestal se propagó por varios pueblos.
The epidemic raged among the poorest sectors of the population.La epidemia causó estragos entre los sectores más pobres de la población.
5. (to roar) 
a. rugir 
I'm really afraid of storms, particularly when the wind rages so loud.Le tengo miedo a las tormentas, sobre todo cuando el viento ruge tan fuerte.
b. bramar 
The wind is howling and the storm keeps raging.El viento está aullando y la tormenta sigue bramando.
The sea was raging when the hurricane approached the coast.El mar se embraveció cuando se aproximaba el huracán.
1. (fury) 
a. la cólera f, ira (F) 
to be in a rageestar hecho(a) una furia
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation (fashion) 
to be all the ragehacer furor
intransitive verb
3. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to rage about somethingdespotricar contra algo
to rage against or at somebody/somethingencolerizarse con alguien/algo
4. (sea) 
a. embravecerse, encresparse 
5. (epidemic, war) 
a. recrudecerse 
rage [reɪdʒ]
1 (anger) furia (f); cólera (f); ira (f);at or over sth ante algo
he attacked her in a drunken rage la agredió en un ataque de furia or cólera or ira causado por la bebida
in a fit of rage en un ataque de furia or cólera or ira
to fly or go into a rage montar en cólera; ponerse hecho una furia
to be in a rage estar furioso
she was trembling with rage temblaba de furia or cólera or ira
she was filled with rage at the way they were treated
he was white with rage estaba blanco de cólera or ira
Alex jumped to her feet, white with rage inwardly he was seething with suppressed rage his rage at this injustice her rage over her son's death she rose to leave, her teeth clenched in impotent rage his rage at women in general had begun to spill over she saw a mixture of fear and rage in his face rioters seized the streets in an explosion of rage over the verdict Steve's bitterness and rage over son Darren's death begin to subside she often turns her rage against her mother I was in a rage at the way I was treated I was in such rage and despair at what I thought was your betrayal Anthenor had good reason to be in a terrible rage at him I am in a rage at feeling impotent and helpless without her he smashed the picture in a fit of rage he shot her in a fit of jealous rage he admitted shooting the man in a fit of rage in a fit of rage, she threw a basin at Amy he attacked her in a fit of jealous rage when he found out she had a lover he flew into a rage when I suggested he might be wrong when she found out he had been in her bedroom, /she flew into a rage/ and banished him from the house if he had any reason to go into a rage, he'd not come out of his sulk for days "Brothers jailed for `road rage" attack on girl driver" a road rage victim A DRIVER was jailed for 18 months yesterday for a `road rage" attack after which a pensioner died. Police say that there are fewer road rage incidents during a heatwave because drivers become lethargic behind the wheel Police are so concerned about road rage among tired company-car drivers that they have started training sales reps in the art of calm driving THERE'S nothing new about road rage - people have been going berserk on the highway for generations. What is new is the expression itself.
2 (fashion) furor (m)
the rage for designer jeans el furor por los vaqueros de diseño exclusivo
to be all the rage hacer furor
his dresses are all the rage in New York these trainers are the latest rage with kids we tended to go along with whatever was the current rage it also sports one of the fountains that are the current rage in mall design computers are the latest rage in skin analysis she could never understand why it was the rage in Hollywood to go through analysis badges are all the rage in France, Mr Toff explains jogging and aerobics were all the rage that year at that time there was a great rage for 1920s clothes the practice quickly became a rage in France
intransitive verb
[+person] estar furioso; [+fire] propagarse con furia; [+epidemic] propagarse causando estragos; [+battle] proseguir con furia; [+wind, storm] bramar; [+sea] enfurecerse; embravecerse
Six years ago, fire raged through The King's Apartments at Hampton Court Palace As flames raged through her terraced council house, 22-year-old Diane Jones was seen at a bedroom window, screaming: `My babies! My babies!" A big bush fire is raging through the Birunga National Park
she was raging, but she kept her tone cool estaba furiosa pero conservaba un tono calmado; outside the storm still raged fuera la tempestad seguía bramando; the battle raged for three months la batalla prosiguió con furia durante tres meses; the debate raged the whole day long el airado debate prosiguió el día entero
to rage against sth protestar furiosamente contra algo
to rage against sb estar furioso con algn; the sound of the sea raging against the rocks el sonido del mar chocando enfurecido or embravecido contra las rocas
to rage at sth estar furioso ante algo
my mum raged at the doctor mi madre se puso como una fiera con el médico
my father on occasion raged and bellowed through the house he raged against the desecration of his work he raged in private against the machinations of the government he raged against the bill in Parliament they raged against the Italian invasion of Ethiopia in 1935 to rage against the world he was raging at his own weakness her daughter raged at her mother's hypocrisy he came backstage, raging at the stage manager he raged at himself for his stupidity instead of raging at the officials, he bit his tongue and kept quiet
controversy is raging over her new economic policy hay una encendida polémica en torno a su nueva política económica
an infection was raging through her body una infección se propagaba por su cuerpo causando estragos
his head was raging (with pain) the fighting continues to rage in Bosnia when an infection is raging through our bodies, we develop a fever the famine that raged through Ethiopia was just devastating the fire is still raging in 1918 an influenza epidemic was raging in Britain a gale is raging in the North Sea there was a monsoon raging outside the wind raged in the darkness outside she heard the wind rage at the building the battle still rages over land ownership in Ecuador in the US a debate is raging about whether ... controversy still rages over the implementation of this measure arguments rage about who should accept the refugees the fierce arguments raging over the future of the Holy City when an infection is raging through our bodies, we develop a fever
transitive verb
"it's none of your business," he raged —no es asunto tuyo —dijo enfurecido
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