1. (sports) 
I wasn't interested in racing until I won $100 on a horse.No me interesaban mucho las carreras hasta que gané $100 con un caballo.
2. (related to racing) 
My family raises racing dogs.Mi familia cría perros de carreras.
1. (general) 
a. la carreras (F) 
2. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
racing bicyclebicicleta de carreras
racing carcoche or
racing [ˈreɪsɪŋ]
carreras (f)
the horse went lame and retired from racing three days later Lester Piggott announces his return to flat racing at the age of 54 a week after the end of the flat racing season Willie Carson receives his third ban of the flat racing season for careless riding
greyhound/horse racing carreras (f) de galgos/caballos
they have built a greyhound racing track on an island in the river Princess Anne had to be convinced that greyhound racing was a good and professional sport if he could play golf all day and watch horse racing at the same time life would be paradise for him
motor racing carreras (f) automovilísticas or de coches
formula one motor racing world motor racing champion Ayrton Senna I preferred 200-mile road racing in Europe the aerodrome was bare and barren, but it was near enough to proper road racing they were quite a well-known pair in racing [circles] once a prominent figure in racing circles he has moved back to Ireland
the racing world el mundo de las carreras (de caballos)
he is a respected figure in the racing world - he owns and trains 13 horses
racing bicycle racing bike (n) bicicleta (f) de carreras
he sells his own line of road, touring, and racing bikes his doting parents bought him his first racing bike at 13
racing calendar (n) calendario (m) de carreras (de caballos)
York's Ebor meeting has long been one of the most popular fixtures in the racing calendar
racing car (n) coche (m) de carreras
we have been building racing cars for over 35 years my dream of owning my own racing car
racing circuit (n) autódromo (m); pista (f) de carreras
the RAC wants to develop the aerodrome's perimeter tracks and runways as a racing circuit this is a proper racing circuit with incredibly demanding corners she would rather earn her fame on the racing circuit
racing commentator (n) comentarista (m) hípicoahípica;a hípica
even after three years as one of Channel 4's racing commentators I still hate the sound of my own voice
racing correspondent (n) corresponsal (m) hípicoahípica;a hípica
he is racing correspondent for the Telegraph
racing cyclist (n) corredoracorredora (m) (f) ciclista;a corredora
Olivari was one of the top racing cyclists in the world
racing driver (n) piloto (m) de carreras; corredoracorredora (m) (f) de carreras de coches;a corredora
Guy Edwards, the former Formula One racing driver world champion racing driver Ayrton Senna Nigel Mansell, Britain's leading motor racing driver she is a great racing enthusiast, and a more than good driver herself Pimlico racetrack was built in Baltimore by a group of racing enthusiasts
racing man (n) (horse racing) aficionado (m) a las carreras (de caballos)
not a racing man himself, he had never understood the gambling urge as a racing man I am aware of the importance of betting shops Senna was a dedicated racing man Chapman made other, more exotic, more expensive cars but he remained a racing man
racing pigeon (n) paloma (f) de carreras
a racing pigeon has been sold for a new world record price of £110,000 Harvey admits if the racing stables expand his show jumping career will gradually fizzle out the horses clatter out of the racing stable onto the deserted lanes of Whitsbury
racing yacht (n) yate (m) de regatas
to supplement their earnings outside the fishing season they crewed the big racing yachts much of her time under sail has been spent on racing yachts
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