masculine noun
1. tail (de animal)
  • rabo de buey -> oxtail
  • irse o salir con el rabo entre las piernas -> to go off with one's tail between one's legs
2. stem (de hoja, fruto)
3. prick, cock (muy informal) (pene)

rabo [rah’-bo]
1. Tail of animals: applied to certain animals, as pigs, etc. instead of cola. (m)
2. Tail, the lower, back, or hind part of anything; train. (m)
3. All instruments to cut velvet in the loom. (m)
4. In paper-mills, the tail which supports the hammer that beats the pulp. (m)
  • Rabo de puerco -> (Bot.) hog’s fennel, sea-sulphur wort
  • Rabo de junco -> (Orn.) tropic bird
  • Rabo entre piernas -> (Coll.) crestfallen, dejected
  • Mirar con el rabo del ojo -> to look askance

1 (Zoología) tail
con el rabo entre las piernas with one's tail between one's legs
queda el rabo por desollar the hardest part is still to come
rabo cortado docked tail
rabo de buey oxtail
2 (pene) cock (vulgar); dick (vulgar)
rabo verde (Centroamérica) dirty old man (familiar)

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