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1. (familiar)
2. cita (f) (from author)
  • in quotes entre comillas (in quotation marks)
3. presupuesto (m) (comercio) (for work)
transitive verb
4. citar (author, passage)
  • he was quoted as saying that… se le atribuye haber dicho que…
  • in reply please quote this number en su contestación por favor indique este número
5. dar un presupuesto de (comercio) (price)
  • he quoted me a price of £100 me dio un presupuesto de 100 libras, fijó un precio de 100 libras
  • quoted company (finanzas) empresa (f) cotizada en Bolsa
quote [kwəʊt]
transitive verb
1 [+writer, line, passage, source] citar
borrow words from (cite)
to quote Dante: "abandon all hope you who enter here"
to quote my aunt ... para citar a mi tía ...; como decía mi tía ...
to quote my old French teacher: "there's no communication without grammar"
you can quote me puedes decir que te lo he dicho yo; don't quote me on that no te lo puedo decir a ciencia cierta
but don't quote me he can quote Shakespeare all day long he quoted the line from "Rule Britannia": "Britons never, never shall be slaves" the passage is worth quoting in full Note that in the long passage quoted above, Keynes was describing two very different sorts of inflationary evil Foucault quotes only a few words from Montaigne's essay he quoted Góngora quoting Churchill, he said ... After quoting the Scriptures, Pericles and Winston Churchill, he said: "America is in trouble" yesterday the Belgian newspaper Le Soir quoted a professor who said he witnessed the killings the report quotes informed sources in Beirut quoting an unnamed source, the newspaper says ... she quoted a line from a book by Peter Vaughan to quote sb [as] saying ...
he is quoted as saying that ... se le atribuye haber dicho que ...
he has often been quoted as saying that people should concentrate on what they do best
2 (mention) [+example] dar; citar; [+reference number] indicar
please quote this reference in any communication can you quote me an example? the most quoted example of this situation is East Africa it isn't unusual to hear people say that families are not that important, we can get by without them - /people quote the example of successful single parents/ let me quote another example Mr Meacher quoted statistics saying that the standard of living of the poorest people had fallen
to quote sth/sb as an example (of sth) poner algo/a algn como ejemplo (de algo)
Rolls Royce Motors have already been quoted as an example of a high price/low volume company
3 (Comm) (estimate)
he quoted/I was quoted a good price me dio un presupuesto or precio muy razonable
he wouldn't quote a specific sum he was quoted a very reasonable price they quoted me £830 to fit the kitchen
4 (Economics) [+shares, company, currency] cotizar;at a
last night, Hunt shares were quoted at 346 pence anoche las acciones Hunt cotizaron a 346 peniques; it is not quoted on the Stock Exchange no se cotiza en la Bolsa
in early trading gold was quoted at 368.20 dollars an ounce
quoted company empresa (f) que cotiza en Bolsa
investment trusts are publicly quoted companies whose business is to invest in the shares of other companies the building society is thinking of converting into a publicly quoted company
intransitive verb
1 (recite, repeat) citar
to quote from the Bible citar de la Biblia; he said, and I quote, ... dijo, y cito sus propias palabras, ...
he also said and I'm quoting here, "we'll never give up" I gave the letter to our local press and they quoted from it I'm quoting from an article in the Washington Post
2 (Comm)
to quote for sth hacer un presupuesto de algo; presupuestar algo; I got several firms to quote for the building work pedí a varias empresas que me hicieran un presupuesto de or me presupuestaran la obra
1 (line, passage) cita (f)
there's a Groucho Marx quote that he's fond of using the paper starts its editorial comment with a quote from an unnamed member of the cabinet he begins his book with a quote from Dante "give us a quote!" the pressmen cried close quote, end (of) quote
2 (Comm) (estimate) presupuesto (m)
get several quotes for the work before proceeding never agree to even the smallest extra job without getting a quote first
3 (St Ex) cotización (f)
4 quotes (inverted commas) comillas (f)
in quotes entre comillas
the word "remembered" is in quotes
she said, quote, "he was as drunk as a lord", unquote sus palabras textuales fueron: —estaba como una cuba; she died in a, quote, "accident", unquote murió en un accidente, entre comillas or por así decirlo; "quote" (in dictation) "comienza la cita"
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Gerund: citando
Participle: citado
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