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feminine noun
1. country house (finca)
2. fifth (gear) (automobiles)
3. call-up year (military)
  • entrar en quintas to be called up
  • es de mi quinta (figurative) he's my age (tiene mi edad)
1 (casa de campo) villa; country house; (Latinoamérica) (chalet) house; (finca) small estate on the outskirts of a town
2 (Mil) draft; call-up
ser de la (misma) quinta de algn to be the same age as sb; la quinta de 1998 the 1998 call-up; the class called up in 1998; entrar en quintas (tener edad) to reach the call-up age; (ser llamado) to be called up
3 (Música) fifth
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