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1. silencio (m) tranquilidad (f)
  • the quiet of the countryside la paz del campo
  • to do something on the quiet (familiar) hacer algo a escondidas or a la chita callando (español de España)
2. tranquilo(a) (not loud) (person, music); bajo(a) (voice); silencioso(a) (engine)
  • to keep somebody quiet hacer callar a alguien
  • to keep quiet no hacer ruido; (make no noise) estar callado(a) (say nothing)
  • to keep quiet about something guardar silencio or no decir nada sobre algo
  • to keep something quiet mantener algo en secreto
  • be quiet! ¡cállate!
  • quiet please! ¡silencio, por favor!
  • as quiet as a mouse callado(a) como un muerto (person)
3. discreto(a) (discreet)
  • to have a quiet laugh at something/somebody reírse para sus adentros de algo/alguien
4. tranquilo(a) (peaceful)
  • a quiet wedding una boda íntima or discreta
5. inactivo(a), poco animado(a) (business, market)
quiet [ˈkwaɪət]
quieter (comparative)quietest (superlative)
1 (not loud) [+engine] silencioso; [+music] tranquilo; suave; [+tone] bajo; quedo (literary); [+laughter] suave
he said in a quiet voice dijo en (un) tono bajo
Joanna's normally quiet voice was suddenly quite loud She began speaking in a quieter tone, but her voice was still firm Lloyd smiled, a slow kind of smile that broke into quiet laughter
2 (silent) [+person] callado
to be quiet estar callado
you're very quiet today hoy estás muy callado; be quiet! ¡cállate!; ¡silencio!
she was very quiet all day He was quiet for a long time she's always quiet; she just sits and gets on with her work without saying a word
to go quiet quedarse callado
he went quiet Maisie had gone unnaturally quiet
to keep or stay quiet (say nothing) quedarse callado; (not make a noise) no hacer ruido
There was nothing to say to this so she kept quiet... I stayed quiet, though secretly I thought Glenys had a good point he was smart enough to know when to keep quiet try to keep quiet, Joseph's asleep the children couldn't stay quiet for long, and soon were laughing and playing
to keep quiet about sth no decir nada acerca de algo
you must keep quiet about what you saw tonight.
to keep sb quiet: they paid him £1,000 to keep him quiet le pagaron 1000 libras para que se callara; that book should keep him quiet for a while ese libro le tendrá entretenido durante un rato; I gave him a biscuit to keep him quiet le di una galleta para que estuviese entretenido
to keep sth quiet: keep it quiet no se lo digas a nadie; he managed to keep the whole thing quiet consiguió que nadie se enterara del asunto; the government has tried to keep the matter quiet el gobierno ha intentado mantener el asunto en secreto
[+place] silencioso
it was dark and the streets were quiet era de noche y las calles estaban silenciosas; isn't it quiet! ¡qué silencio!
We returned to the car through quiet streets The stars shone out of a clear sky on to quiet streets lie down in a quiet room
it was quiet as the grave había un silencio sepulcral
3 (peaceful, not busy) [+life, night, village, area] tranquilo
they lead a quiet life llevan una vida tranquila; he'll do anything for a quiet life hará lo que sea para que lo dejen en paz; the patient has had a quiet night el paciente ha pasado una noche tranquila; this town is too quiet for me esta ciudad es demasiado tranquila para mí; the shops will be quieter today las tiendas estarán más tranquilas hoy; hoy habrá menos jaleo en las tiendas
the shops are very quiet on bank holidays
business is quiet at this time of year hay poco movimiento en esta época
The village is so quiet now... It reminded me of those quiet East Anglian coastal towns he went to sleep with a quiet [mind]
everybody needs a quiet time todo el mundo necesita un rato de tranquilidad
those were quiet times aquel fue un tiempo de tranquilidad
Eleanor had a quiet night and slept soundly Most married couples live quiet and happy lives together
all quiet on the Western front no hay moros en la costa
All babies need quiet times on their own
4 (calm, placid) [+person] callado; [+temperament] tranquilo; sosegado; [+dog, horse] manso
my daughter is a very quiet girl mi hija es una chica muy callada; we have very quiet neighbours tenemos unos vecinos muy tranquilos
5 (discreet) [+manner, decor, style] discreto; [+clothes, dress] discreto; no llamativo; [+colour] suave; apagado; [+despair] callado; [+optimism] comedido; [+ceremony] íntimo
the decoration was in quiet good taste la decoración era de un gusto discreto; with quiet humour he said ... con un humor discreto dijo ...; we had a quiet lunch/supper comimos/cenamos en la intimidad
They dress in quiet colours devoid of pattern Just as a red rag enrages a bull, quiet colours soothe They lead lives of quiet despair... There was a quiet despair in her 1 voice that was painful to hear There are grounds for quiet optimism. It was a quiet ceremony at a register office The quiet ceremony was in stark contrast to his lavish first marriage Some U.S. officials have expresed quiet optimism at the ceasefire idea
it was a quiet funeral/wedding el funeral/la boda se celebró en la intimidad
we had a quiet [wedding]
to have a quiet dig at sb burlarse discretamente de algn
we had a quiet laugh over it nos reímos en privado
I'll have a quiet word with him hablaré discretamente con él
1 (silence) silencio (m)
the teacher shouted for quiet
let's have complete quiet for a few minutes vamos a tener unos minutos de completo silencio; in the quiet of the night en el silencio de la noche
In the quiet of the studio it sounded like a small pistol shot.
on the quiet a escondidas
They've been building up quite a large shareholding on the quiet. xxxx to do sth on the quiet xxxxx she had a drink on the quiet xxxxx he told me on the quiet
2 (peacefulness) tranquilidad (f)
there was a period of quiet after the fighting hubo un periodo de tranquilidad tras los enfrentamientos
xxx an hour of blessed quiet In the country the quiet made them feel depressed.
transitive verb
intransitive verb
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