1. (swiftly) 
The city is growing quickly.La ciudad está creciendo rápidamente.
b. rápido 
The secretary types really quickly.La secretaria teclea muy rápido.
2. (promptly) 
When he saw me, he quickly turned the other way.Cuando me vio, en seguida se dio la vuelta.
b. pronto 
I quickly realized it wasn't going to work.Pronto me di cuenta que no iba a funcionar.
1. (general) 
a. rápidamente, rápido, deprisa 
I quickly realized that…enseguida me di cuenta de que…
quickly [ˈkwɪklɪ]
1 (fast) [+move, work] deprisa; rápidamente
I'm working as quickly as I can estoy trabajando lo más rápido or lo mas rápidamente que puedo; no puedo trabajar más deprisa; he talks too quickly for me to understand habla demasiado deprisa y no le entiendo
2 (with minimal delay) [+arrive, answer, react] en seguida; con prontitud (formal)
the police were quickly on the scene la policía llegó en seguida
the firemen were quickly on the spot I suggest the Government should respond quickly
they answered quickly contestaron pronto; success quickly followed el éxito llegó en seguida or muy poco después; come as quickly as you can ven cuanto antes
3 (not lengthily) [+embrace, smile] rápidamente
she kissed him quickly on the cheek and ran off they smiled quickly at each other and looked away
he glanced quickly at the note echó un vistazo rápido a la nota
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very quickly
muy rápidamente
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