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  • to bite one's nails to the quick morderse las uñas hasta hacerse daño
  • to cut somebody to the quick (sentido figurado) herir a alguien en lo más profundo
1. rápido(a) (rapid)
  • to have a quick bath darse un baño rápido
  • to have a quick drink tomarse algo rápidamente
  • that was quick! ¡qué rápido!
  • be quick! ¡date prisa!, ¡apúrate! (Am)
  • to be quick to do something no tardar or demorar en hacer algo (Am)
  • to be quick to criticize apresurarse a criticar
  • to be quick off the mark no perder el tiempo; (to act) ser muy espabilado(a) (to understand)
  • to have a quick temper tener mal genio
2. listo(a), despierto(a) (clever)
3. rápido (familiar) (to run, talk, think)
  • as quick as a flash en un suspiro, como una exhalación (español de España)
quick [kwɪk]
quicker (comparative)quickest (superlative)
1 (fast) [+method, movement] rápido
this is the quickest way to do it esta es la forma más rápida de hacerlo
the quickest method try to be quicker next time
it's quicker by train es más rápido ir en tren; be quick! ¡rápido!; ¡date prisa!; ¡apúrate!; (LAm) to be quick to do sth hacer algo rápidamente
BRITISH Rail was quick to criticize passengers for leaving their stationary train
he was quick to see the possibilities vio rápidamente las posibilidades
to be quick to forgive she was quick to take advantage of his mistake
his opponents were quick to point out that ... sus adversarios señalaron rápidamente que ...
he was quick to point out that we should have done better
to be quick to act obrar con prontitud; to be quick to anger enfadarse con facilidad; to be quick to take offence ofenderse por nada
he was quick to see that ...
and be quick about it! ¡y date prisa!; ¡y apúrate!; (LAm)
quick march! (Mil) ¡marchando, ar!
My squad knew me and my weakness very well, so when I gave them `Form fours", `Right turn" and `Quick march" they obeyed smartly enough
at a quick pace a un paso rápido
he made a quick recovery se recuperó rápidamente
in quick succession en rápida sucesión
to have a quick temper tener un genio vivo
Her husband was quite moody and had a quick temper
he's a quick worker trabaja rápido; es un trabajador rápido
2 (with minimal delay) [+answer, decision] rápido
we must have a quick answer necesitamos una respuesta rápida
he's not very good at taking quick decisions he'll need a quick decision
we are hoping for a quick end to the bloodshed esperamos que el derramamiento de sangre acabe pronto
a quick fix una solución fácil
the price has been reduced for a quick sale han reducido el precio para venderlo pronto
a quick [reply]
3 (not lengthy) [+meal] rápido
to have a quick [chat] with sb
he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek me dio un besito en la mejilla
let's have a quick look at that déjame echarle un vistazo rápido a eso
to have a quick one (drink) tomarse un trago
can I have a quick word (with you)? ¿puedo hablar un segundo contigo?; ¿podemos hablar un segundo?
4 (sharp) [+person] listo; [+wit] agudo; [+mind, reflexes] ágil; rápido
he's too quick for me
he is very quick at maths es muy rápido para las matemáticas
to have a quick eye for sth captar or coger algo al vuelo
She has a quick eye for mistakes
1 (Anat)
the quick
her nails were bitten down to the quick se había mordido las uñas hasta dejárselas como muñones
to cut sb to the quick herir a algn en lo vivo
Her cruel remarks cut me to the quick
the quick and the dead los vivos y los muertos
deprisa; rápido
quick! ¡deprisa!; ¡rápido!; I left as quick as I could me fui lo más rápido or deprisa que pude; come as quick as you can ven cuanto antes
as quick as a flash como un rayo or relámpago
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