1. (query) 
Do you have any questions about the procedure?¿Tiene alguna pregunta sobre el procedimiento?
There were ten questions on the exam.Había diez preguntas en el examen.
2. (matter) 
It's a question of time before they find out about what happened.Solo es cuestión de tiempo hasta que se enteren de lo que pasó.
b. el asunto (M) 
The question of security was addressed by the manager.El director abordó el asunto de la seguridad.
3. (doubt) 
a. la duda (F) 
There is no question that he is happy at college.No hay duda de que es feliz en la universidad.
transitive verb
4. (to ask questions) 
a. preguntar 
They questioned me about my health.Me preguntaron acerca de mi salud.
The police questioned him after the murder.La policía lo interrogó después del asesinato.
5. (to doubt) 
a. dudar de 
I questioned his honesty from the beginning.Dudé de su honestidad desde el principio.
Some question the authenticity of the manuscript.Algunos ponen en duda la autenticidad del manuscrito.
Colonists began to question the authority of the British monarchy.Los colonos comenzaron a cuestionar la autoridad de la monarquía británica.
1. (interrogation) 
a. la pregunta (F) 
to ask (somebody) a questionhacer una pregunta (a alguien)
question marksigno de interrogación
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
a question mark hangs over the future of the projectel futuro del proyecto está en el aire
3. (politics) (United Kingdom) 
a. no direct translation 
question timesesión de control parlamentario en la que los ministros responden a las preguntas de los diputados
4. (doubt) 
a. la duda (F) 
there is no question about itno cabe duda (al respecto)
to call something into questionponer algo en duda
beyond questionfuera de (toda) duda
to be open to questionser cuestionable
without questionsin duda
5. (matter) 
a. la cuestión (F) 
it is a question of…se trata de…
there is no question of our agreeing to thaten ningún caso vamos a estar conformes con eso
that's out of the question!¡es imposible!
it's only a question of timesólo es cuestión de tiempo
the matter/person in questionel asunto/individuo en cuestión
transitive verb
6. (ask questions to; for inquiry) 
a. interrogar 
7. (for survey) 
a. encuestar 
she was questioned on her viewsle pidieron su opinión
8. (cast doubt on) 
a. cuestionar, poner en duda 
question [ˈkwestʃən]
1 (query) (also in exam) pregunta (f)
(are there) any questions? ¿(hay) alguna pregunta?
the President refused to answer further questions on the subject right, next question that's a very difficult question to answer that question did come up in the examination he'd heard somewhere that the questions in economics examination papers stayed the same from year to year
to ask (sb) a question hacer una pregunta (a algn)
ask yourself this question hágase esta pregunta; what a question to ask! ¡vaya preguntita!; there's a reward for the painting's return, no questions asked se ofrece una recompensa sin preguntas por la devolución del cuadro; ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies más vale que no me preguntes
whenever she needed money he just handed it over, no questions asked most types of weapons are available for sae here with no questions asked they asked a great many questions about England a live audience will pose the questions could I ask you a question? "can you help me with this?" - "no" - "ask a silly question!"
"why didn't you appoint him a year ago?" — "good question" —¿por qué no lo nombraste hace un año? —buena pregunta or —eso me pregunto yo
that's a very [good] question "what does it look like?" - "that's a very good question, and I don't have the answer for you" "when does the war end?" - "that's a very good question "does this happen in all societies?" "that's a very good question. No, it doesn't" "Where is it?" - "Good question; I don't know" "could you control these kids any better?" - "good question!"
he posed three questions hizo or planteó tres preguntas
He posed two questions. He asked the future doctors if they would be willing to work in Ghana. He asked future engineers if they would be willing to work in the foreign service
to put a question to sb hacer una pregunta a algn
to put down a question to or for sb (Parl) formular una pregunta a algn
Liz Lynne is making her mark in Parliament by putting down a question to Health Secretary Virginia Bottomley about restrictive practices on the appointment of hospital consultants
to obey orders without question obedecer órdenes sin rechistar
they carried out the orders of their superior officers without question
the 64,000 dollar question la pregunta del millón
was she sure he had been Jim Prudhomme? - that was when I asked the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question: how did he sound?
indirect: indirect question
2 (matter, issue) cuestión (f)
the Palestinian question la cuestión palestina; that is the question de eso se trata; esa es la cuestión; that is not the question no se trata de eso; no es cuestión de eso
that's another question altogether if the security question is not resolved the question is: where were you? I'm going to get there, the question is how he demanded that the Palestinian question should be on the agenda of any future summit the whole question of aid is a tricky political one it's a question of deciding what you want to do it was just a question of having the time to re-adjust it's all a question of politeness it is not always a question of what you say but how you say it it's (all) a question of what you want to do eventually it is a question of whether ... invasion was only a question of time
at the time in question a la hora en cuestión
the person in question
it is not simply a question of money no se trata simplemente de dinero; no es una simple cuestión de dinero
success is a question of time el éxito es cuestión de tiempo
this raises the question of her suitability esto plantea la cuestión de si es la persona adecuada
this [raises] the question of how well we really understand the ecosystem this raises the question of the political impact of some of these events
it's only a question of time before he finds out solo es cuestión de tiempo que se entere
3 (possibility) posibilidad (f)
there is no question of outside help no hay posibilidad de ayuda externa
there can be no question of your resigning su dimisión no se puede admitir
there is no question of the taxpayer picking up the bill for the party for him, there was no question of betraying his own comrades
it's out of the question! ¡imposible!; ¡ni hablar!
an interest rate cut is out of the question un recorte de los tipos de interés es imposible
is a tax increase still out of the question? for the homeless, private medical care is simply out of the question
4 (doubt) duda (f)
there is no question about it no cabe la menor duda de esto
there is no question about their success there is no question that this is better [beyond] question, [past] question
as a manager, her ability is beyond question como directora, su capacidad está fuera de toda duda
to bring or call sth into question poner algo en duda
Freud called into question some deeply cherished beliefs
my integrity has been brought or called into question mi integridad se ha puesto en duda
the paper says the president's move has called into question the whole basis of democracy in the country with the loyalty of key military units in question, that could prove an extraordinarily difficult task recent literary theory has called into question traditional approaches to literature no man had ever called Lindemann's courage into question the opposition has called into question the government's ability to deal with the crisis Pearce's postion has been brought into question following his unconvincing performance on Saturday
to be in question estar en duda
your professional ability is not in question no es tu capacidad como profesional lo que se pone en duda
it is not your ability to diet that is in question his very future as Prime Minister is in question what is in question is the nature of their relationship to [pose] a question
his findings pose questions about the future of these drugs sus descubrimientos hacen que se planteen preguntas sobre el futuro de estas drogas
to [raise] questions about over sth the unrest raised questions about the timing of the pull-out from Somalia this poses questions over the American nuclear commitment to Europe
this disaster raises questions about air safety in the region con el desastre se ha puesto en duda la seguridad aérea en la zona
questions have been raised about the treatment of prisoners
the question remains (as to) whether he can be trusted la duda or la cuestión sigue siendo si se puede confiar en él
the question remains (as to) whether there is any connection between these events the question remains, however, whether left-wing strategies would look any different the question remains whether the Iraqi leader can be trusted he question remains whether he was fully aware of the claims The question remains whether these groups can mobilize their troops the question [remains]: who/how/why ...?
the question remains: how did she escape? la pregunta sigue ahí: ¿cómo escapó?
the question remains: who will be king? the question remains, however, what is the basis of a good political decision there's [some] question about how to define "middle class"
there is some question as to whether he will sign hay or existen ciertas dudas sobre si firmará
there is some question about his survival as Party leader
without question sin duda; indudablemente
he was without question our greatest storyteller
5 (at meeting) cuestión (f); asunto (m)
to move the previous question plantear la cuestión previa; to put the question (to a vote) someter la moción a votación
transitive verb
1 (interrogate) [+exam candidate, interviewee] hacer preguntas a; [+suspect] interrogar; (Parl) [+minister, secretary] interpelar
you will be questioned on one of three topics se te harán preguntas sobre uno de tres temas; a suspect is being questioned by police la policía está interrogando a un sospechoso; they questioned him about his past le hicieron preguntas or le preguntaron acerca de su pasado
I questioned him about his early acting career when questioned about her reaction, she refused to comment this led the therapist to question Jim about his parents and their marriage police have been questioning everybody who was robbed time and time again, I have been questioned about how I can do such extensive internal work without the creation of serious postsurgical problems they questioned him closely about his movements on that night
the minister was questioned about his statement to Parliament se interpeló al ministro sobre su declaración ante el Parlamento
the minister was questioned on the source of funding for the project
2 (doubt) [+honesty, loyalty, motives] dudar de; poner en duda; [+decision, beliefs] poner en duda; cuestionar
I don't question your honesty but I do question your motives you begin to question your own judgement it never occurs to them to question the doctor's decisions there would be no reason to question the identity of the body they are not questioning its authenticity Weber is challenging his audience to question their own beliefs this has led some people to question how sincere he was they question whether Japan will live up to its promise I question whether it is worthwhile
question mark (n) signo (m) de interrogación; interrogante (m) (f)
a big question mark hangs over his future se plantea un enorme interrogante sobre su futuro
after that, a question-mark arose in the minds of many he tired badly in the last three rounds, which again posed question marks over his stamina a big question-mark hangs over him there is a question mark over whether the concert will go ahead
question master (n) interrogador (m)
question tag (n) coletilla (f) interrogativa
question tags like "isn't it?", "can't he?"
question time (n) (Britain) (Parl) sesión (f) de interpelaciones a los ministros
the catcalls and rowdiness, familiar to anyone listening to Prime Minister's question time in the House of Commons
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