feminine noun
1. charge (law) (acusación)
2. dispute (discordia)

querella [kay-rayl’-lyah]
1. Complaint (queja), expression of pain or grief. (f)
2. A complaint before a judge against anyone. (f)
3. Petition or libel exhibited to a court of justice by children, praying that the last will of their parents be set aside. (f)

1 (Jur) (acusación) charge; accusation; (proceso) suit; case
interponer o presentar una querella contra algn to bring a lawsuit o an action against sb
querella por difamación action for libel o defamation
querella privada action for damages
2 (disputa) dispute
han olvidado sus viejas querellas they have set aside their old disputes; antiguas querellas familiares old family feuds
3 (queja) complaint

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