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quejas is the plural form of queja.
feminine noun
1. complaint (protesta)
  • presentar una queja to make o lodge a complaint (formalmente)
  • tener queja de algo/alguien to have a complaint about something/somebody
2. moan, groan (lamento)
1 (reclamación) (gen) complaint; (refunfuñando) grumble; grouse (familiar); (con rencor) grudge; resentment
una queja infundada an unjustified complaint; presentar una queja to make o lodge a complaint; tener queja de algn to have a complaint to make about sb; tener motivo de queja to have cause for complaint; estoy harto de tus quejas I'm tired of your complaining
2 (gemido) moan; groan
queja de dolor groan of pain
3 (Jur) protest
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