1. Quechuan
masculine or feminine noun
2. Quechua (persona)
masculine noun
3. Quechua (idioma)
QUECHUA Quechua, which was the language of the Inca empire, is an Amerindian language still spoken today by more than eight million people in the Andean region. The number of speakers declined dramatically in the centuries following the Spanish conquest, but in more recent years there have been official attempts to promote the language. As with the Aztec language Náhuatl, many Quechua words passed into Spanish, and on to many other languages. For example, in English we find “condor”, “jerky” (n, = dried meat) and “quinine”.
Quechua; Quechuan
Quechua(n) Indian
(Lingüística) Quechua
Quechua, the language spoken by the Incas, is the most widely spoken indigenous language in South America, with some 13 million speakers in the Andean region. The first Quechua grammar was compiled by a Spanish missionary in 1560, as part of a linguistic policy intended to aid the process of evangelization. In 1975 Peru made Quechua an official state language. From Quechua come words such as "llama", "condor" and "puma".
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