1. (fourth part) 
a. el cuarto (M) 
I have already eaten three quarters of the pizza.Ya me he comido tres cuartos de la pizza.
A quarter of the population lives in the capital.Una cuarte parte de la población vive en la capital.
2. (period of three months) 
I have several final exams this quarter.Tengo varios exámenes finales este trimestre.
3. (expressing time) 
It is a quarter of eight.Son las ocho menos cuarto.
4. (part of a city) 
a. el barrio (M) 
There are some good supermarkets in the Chinese quarter.Hay buenos supermercados en el barrio chino.
5. (place, direction) 
a. la parte (F) 
The policy received criticism from all quarters.La política recibió críticas de todas partes.
6. (coin) (United States) 
It only cost a quarter.Costó sólo un cuarto de dólar.
Do you have a quarter?¿Tienes una moneda de 25 centavos?
7. (of moon) 
a. el cuarto (M) 
The moon was in its first quarter.La luna estaba en cuarto creciente.
8. (mercy) 
He begged, but she gave him no quarter.Le suplicó, pero no tuvo clemencia con él.
9. (one fourth) 
a. cuarto 
Their relationship lasted a quarter century.Su relación duró un cuarto de siglo.
transitive verb
10. (to divide) 
Peel and quarter two potatoes.Pela dos patatas y córtalas en cuatro.
They quartered the animal with a knife.Descuartizaron al animal con un cuchillo.
11. (military) 
a. alojar 
The soldiers were quartered in a nearby town.Los soldados estaban alojados en un pueblo cercano.
Officers and men were quartered together.Los oficiales y las tropas estaban acuartelados juntos.
plural noun
12. (lodgings) 
a. las dependencias (F) (for staff) 
The servants' quarters were right at the top of the house.Las dependencias del servicio estaban en el último piso de la casa.
b. el cuartel (M) (military) 
He had been confined to quarters because of a misdemeanor.Estaba retenido en el cuartel por una falta que había cometido.
1. (fraction, of orange, of moon) 
a. el cuarto (M) 
he ate a quarter of the cakese comió una or la cuarta parte del pastel
a quarter of a centuryun cuarto de siglo
a quarter of an hourun cuarto de hora
a quarter (of a pound)un cuarto de libra
three quarterstres cuartos
three quarters of all womenlas tres cuartas partes de las mujeres
three and a quarter (liters)tres (litros) y cuarto
the bottle was still a quarter fullquedaba aún un cuarto de botella
2. (in telling time) 
a. no direct translation 
it's/at a quarter of sixson/a las seis menos cuarto
it's a quarter toson menos cuarto
it's/at (a) quarter after sixson/a las seis y cuarto
it's (a) quarter afterson y cuarto
3. (three-month period) 
a. el trimestre (M) 
4. (area) 
a. el barrio (M) 
5. (group) 
a. no direct translation 
in some quartersen algunos círculos
help came from an unexpected quarterla ayuda llegó por el lado que menos se esperaba
6. (military) 
a. no direct translation 
quartersalojamiento m
officer quartersresidencia de oficiales
7. (mercy) 
a. no direct translation 
to give no quarterno dar cuartel
8. (coin) (United States) 
a. el cuarto de dólar (M) 
9. (music) (United States) 
a. no direct translation 
quarter notenegra f
transitive verb
10. (divide into four) 
a. dividir en cuatro partes 
11. (military) 
a. acantonar, alojar (troops) 
quarter [ˈkwɔːtəʳ]
1 (fourth part) [of kilo, kilometre, second] cuarto (m); [of price, population] cuarta parte (f)
a quarter of a mile un cuarto de milla; a quarter (of a pound) of tea un cuarto de libra de té; for a quarter of the price por la cuarta parte del precio
a quarter of a kilo of tea China has placed up to one quarter of its nuclear arsenal in Tibet about one quarter of all deaths in this country are the result of heart disease a mile and a quarter
to divide sth into quarters dividir algo en cuartos or en cuatro
the tank was only a quarter full el depósito solo estaba a un cuarto de su capacidad
it's a quarter gone already ya se ha gastado la cuarta parte
I'm a quarter Spanish tengo una cuarta parte de sangre española
it's only a quarter as long
2 (in time) cuarto (m)
a quarter of an hour/century un cuarto de hora/siglo; an hour and a quarter una hora y cuarto; three quarters of an hour tres cuartos de hora
the clock strikes the quarters
it's a quarter past or after seven (US) son las siete y cuarto
it's a quarter to or of seven (US) son las siete menos cuarto; es un cuarto para las siete; (LAm)
3 (specific fourth parts) (US) (Canada) (25 cents) (moneda f de) cuarto (m) de dólar
she gave him a quarter he left two quarters on the table I dropped a quarter into the slot of the payphone
[of year] trimestre (m)
profits are up on the previous quarter Boeing reported third-quarter earnings of dollars 378m profitability had been hit in the second quarter by the downturn in Britain and Spain the service charge is paid every quarter
to pay by the quarter pagar trimestralmente or al trimestre or cada tres meses
[of moon] cuarto (m)
when the moon is in its first/last quarter cuando la luna está en cuarto creciente/menguante
4 (part of town) barrio (m)
the business quarter el barrio comercial
the old quarter el casco viejo or antiguo
5 (direction, area)
protest is growing in some quarters las protestas aumentan en algunos círculos
from all quarters de todas partes
there are fears in some quarters that the republic would have little chance of surviving on its own you won't get any help from that quarter if I mention it in the right quarters...
at close quarters de cerca
he fired two shots at close quarters disparó dos tiros a quemarropa
I've never seen a lion at close quarters you can watch aircraft take off and land at close quarters
they are spread over the four quarters of the globe se extienden por todos los rincones or por todas partes del mundo
help came from an unexpected quarter la ayuda nos llegó de un lugar inesperado
6 (Náut) (Geog) [of compass] cuarta (f)
the port/starboard quarter [of ship] la aleta de babor/estribor
the wind was from the port quarter el viento soplaba de babor; the wind is in the right quarter el viento sopla en dirección favorable
7 (Heraldry) cuartel (m)
8 (mercy) clemencia (f)
they knew they could expect no quarter sabían que no podían esperar clemencia
to give (sb) no quarter no dar cuartel (a algn)
he asked for no quarter and I gave him none they had orders to bayonet every man they could find, and to give no quarter Iraq showed no signs of giving any quarter
9 quarters (accommodation) (for staff) (building, section) dependencias (f); (rooms) cuartos (m); habitaciones (f)
the servants' quarters las dependencias del servicio
the staff quarters of the hotel the student nurses' quarters at the hospital his mother was to be confined to her quarters and no longer permitted to visit the king in prison the house has attic accommodations and basement quarters including a room for billiards our private quarters the women's quarters the Captain remained in his cabin while the passengers came aboard and went down to their quarters most families lived in cramped quarters
they're living in very cramped quarters viven hacinados; the cramped quarters of the space capsule el reducido espacio de la cápsula espacial
the cramped quarters of the old City Hall to take up (one's) quarters he took me to the house of one of Gholston's cavalrymen, where I took up my quarters my father was ordered to take up quarters in the "Orion" as a guest of Admiral Phillimore
(Mil) (barracks) cuartel (m);(also sleeping quarters) barracones (m)
the crew's/officers' quarters (on ship) las dependencias de la tripulación/de los oficiales
McKinnon went down from deck to the officers' quarters
he has a quarter share tiene una cuarta parte; a quarter pound/century un cuarto de libra/siglo
transitive verb
1 (divide into four) [+apple, potato] cortar en cuatro (trozos); [+carcass, body] descuartizar
one medium onion, quartered the doses I suggested for adults could be halved or quartered chop the mushrooms and quarter the tomatoes
2 (Mil) acuartelar; alojar
our soldiers are quartered in Ramsey nuestros soldados están acuartelados en Ramsey
the buildings were used as a grain store and to quarter PLA soldiers the crew were quartered on the lower deck I am wondering if Admiral Rodman couldn't arrange to quarter me and an aide on his flagship
3 (range over) [+person] recorrer
to quarter a town in search of sb he's only got to quarter the area long enough to find them
to quarter the ground [+dog] buscar olfateando; [+bird] escudriñar el terreno
the eagle quartered the ground below her, all reflexes ready to strike
quarter day (n) (gen) primer día del trimestre; (Economics) el día del vencimiento de un pago trimestral
go there at the quarter day, Lammas, the traditional start of harvest at the winter quarter day, at Martinmas
quarter light (n) (Britain) (Aut) ventanilla (f) direccional
quarter note (n) (US) (Mús) negra (f)
there's a quarter note rest in that bar there are four quarter notes in a semibreve
quarter tone (n) cuarto (m) de tono
quarter turn (n) cuarto (m) de vuelta
he executed a swift quarter turn she gave the screw a quarter turn turn slightly, like a quarter turn, toward the jury, and look at them give the screw a quarter turn
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