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1. calidad (f) (excellence, standard)
  • of good/poor quality de buena/mala calidad
  • quality of life calidad de vida
  • quality circle círculo (m) de calidad
  • quality control control (m) de calidad
  • quality goods artículos mpl de calidad
  • quality newspapers prensa (f) no sensacionalista (británico)
  • quality time = tiempo que uno reserva para disfrutar de la pareja, la familia, los amigos, etc., y alejarse de las preocupaciones laborales y domésticas
2. cualidad (f) (characteristic, feature)
quality [ˈkwɒlɪtɪ]
1 (standard, high standard) calidad (f)
of good/high quality de buena/alta calidad; of poor/low quality de mala/baja calidad; a top-quality hotel un hotel de primera calidad; the quality of life la calidad de vida
these shoes are real quality
he has real quality tiene verdadera calidad; a product of quality un producto de calidad
...programmes of quality and taste ...the demand for loaves of quality with real flavour and texture Whatever we buy for our homes has to be of real quality in design and performance ...the company's reputation for quality and safety The new goal is quality in all that takes place in school
quality is more important than quantity la calidad es más importante que la cantidad; lo que importa es la calidad, no la cantidad
2 (personal attribute) cualidad (f)
the qualities we look for in a teacher
one of his good qualities una de sus buenas cualidades; one of his bad qualities uno de sus defectos
he has many good qualities she has many excellent qualities / such as creativeness, determination and patience
leadership qualities cualidades (f) de líder
He wanted to employ mature people with leadership qualities
3 (physical property) propiedad (f)
the nutritional qualities of fruit las propiedades nutritivas de la fruta
a car with excellent handling qualities medical sermons preaching the lethal qualities of fats. Thyme tea can be used by adults for its antiseptic qualities Each region is described in turn, giving basic information about its vineyards, and a guide to the qualities of the wine
4 (nature, character) cualidad (f)
a childlike quality una cualidad infantil
The skin on the baby's face had a pearly translucent quality... The parish church itself retrains the mysterious quality of an ancient sacred place. ...the pretentious quality of her poetry ...the apparently novelistic quality of his life
5 (tone) [of sound, voice] timbre (m); tono (m)
the qualities (Britain) (Press) la prensa seria; los periódicos serios
[+product, work] de calidad; [+newspaper] serio
They're producing quality British goods I get a lot of satisfaction out of doing quality work
a quality carpet una alfombra de calidad
quality control (n) control (m) de calidad
the quality papers (n) los periódicos serios
the quality press (n) la prensa seria
note See culture box in entry broadsheet.
quality time (n) tiempo dedicado a la familia y a los amigos
I need to spend some quality time with my children necesito pasar tiempo disfrutando con mis hijos; if you don't spend quality time studying you won't learn very much si no dedicas tiempo en serio a estudiar no aprenderás mucho
wouldn't you like more quality time to enjoy doing the things you like most? he is important to me, and I want to spend more quality time with him
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