intransitive verb
1. (sports) 
Only three athletes in the country can qualify for this event.Solo tres deportistas del país pueden clasificarse para esta prueba.
2. (to obtain a qualification; used with "as") 
Phyllis qualified as a lawyer when she was only 22.Phyllis sacó el título de abogada cuando tenía solo 22 años.
After years of study, I finally qualified as a doctor.Después de años de estudio, por fin obtuve la licencia de médico.
c. recibirse de (Latin America) 
She will qualify as a geologist once she has defended her dissertation.Una vez que haya defendido la tesis, se recibirá de geóloga.
3. (to be eligible for; used with "for") 
Employees qualify for their pensions after two years of service.Los empleados tienen derecho a la pensión después de dos años de servicio.
4. (to satisfy the criteria) 
a. no direct translation 
He may rightly qualify as a Baroque painter.Bien se le puede considerar un pintor barroco.
To qualify as valid, the form has to bear an official stamp.Para que se dé por válido, el formulario debe llevar el sello oficial.
transitive verb
5. (to equip) 
a. capacitar 
The training qualifies you to operate the forklift.La formación te capacita para operar el montacargas.
6. (to limit) 
a. matizar 
The senator tried to qualify his controversial statement.El senador intentó matizar su polémica afirmación.
7. (to make eligible) 
Your disability qualifies you for government assistance.Su discapacidad le da derecho a una prestación del gobierno.
8. (grammar) 
a. calificar 
In this sentence, a noun is qualifying another noun.En esta oración, un sustantivo califica a otro sustantivo.
transitive verb
1. (make competent) 
a. no direct translation 
to qualify somebody to do somethingcapacitar a alguien para hacer algo
2. (modify) 
a. matizar 
intransitive verb
3. (in competition) 
a. clasificarse 
4. (complete studies) 
a. no direct translation 
to qualify as a doctorobtener el título de médico(a)
5. (be eligible) 
a. no direct translation 
to qualify for somethingtener derecho a algo
qualify [ˈkwɒlɪfaɪ]
intransitive verb
1 (gain qualification) (degree) terminar la carrera; sacar el título; recibirse; (LAm) (professional exams) obtener la licencia para ejercer (como profesional)
when I qualified, antibiotics hadn't been discovered we shall marry when he qualifies I qualified in 1968 after qualifying, she returned to South Africa
to qualify as an engineer sacar el título de ingeniero
while he was qualifying as a teacher
2 (meet criteria)
to qualify as sth
it may qualify as a medical expense puede que cuente como gastos médicos; to qualify as disabled, he must ... para ser declarado minusválido, tiene que ...; he hardly qualifies as a poet apenas se le puede calificar de poeta
boats do not qualify as a second residence the court found that he qualified as a conscientious objector that doesn't qualify as art 13 per cent of American households qualify as poor this did not qualify as a theft this hardly qualifies as Christmas cheer the job demanded someone decisive and Henry hardly qualified
to qualify for sth (be eligible) tener derecho a (recibir) algo
she doesn't qualify for a grant no tiene derecho a una beca; no puede optar a una beca
to qualify for maternity leave you must have worked for the same employer for two years they were interviewed to determine if they qualified for political asylum
3 (Dep) clasificarse;for para
she qualified third se clasificó en tercer lugar; the winner qualifies for the second round el ganador se clasifica para la segunda vuelta
Nottingham Forest qualified for the final by beating Tranmere he was third fastest in qualifying for the San Marino Grand Prix he failed to qualify for last year's World Championships in Tokyo
transitive verb
1 (give qualifications, knowledge to)
to qualify sb to do sth capacitar a algn para hacer algo; the basic course does not qualify you to practise as a therapist el curso básico no le capacita para ejercer de terapeuta
an ordinary driving licence doesn't qualify you to drive a lorry he had a degree in Physics, which qualified him to do radar research
to qualify sb for sth capacitar a algn para algo
a course which could qualify him to become an airline pilot her skills qualify her for the job his long experience of and affection for the island had qualified him uniquely for the job to be invited to one of her dinners was in itself a social distinction that qualified one for admission to any home
2 (make eligible)
to qualify sb [to] do sth dar derecho a algn a hacer/que haga algo a ten-year period of residence
your age may qualify you for a special discount puede que tu edad te dé derecho a un descuento especial; that doesn't qualify him to speak on this eso no le da derecho a hablar sobre esto
the time you have spent here won't qualify you for citizenship that did not qualify him for deductions his score wasn't good enough to qualify him for the finals that performance should qualify her for a place in the team the course will qualify me for promotion your level of contributions does not qualify you for unemployment benefit a few useful skills qualified foreigners for work visas
3 (modify) [+statement] matizar; (limit) [+support, conclusion] condicionar
he later qualified his remarks
I think you should qualify that remark creo que deberías matizar ese comentario
Although the 11 - 4 vote is a strong endorsement by the committee, one of its most influential members, Senator Sam Nunn of Georgia, qualified his support I would qualify that by putting it into context Box has qualified this conclusion by observing that ... but he promptly qualified it by adding that ... he qualified his support, saying that he still had reservations about the plan
4 (describe) (gen) calificar;as de
to qualify sth [as] sth
some of her statements could be qualified as racist algunos de sus comentarios se podrían calificar de racistas
Beverly's attorneys stated that, /since I could be qualified as an expert in psychology/, Judge Stewart had erred in not permitting my testimony
(Gram) calificar a
in the sentence "he cut himself a large slice", the adjective "large" qualifies the noun "slice"
the adjective qualifies the noun el adjetivo califica al sustantivo
Verb Conjugations for clasificar
Present Participle: clasificando
Past Participle: clasificado
Irregularities are in red
me clasifico
me clasifiqué
me clasificaba
me clasificaría
me clasificaré
te clasificas
te clasificaste
te clasificabas
te clasificarías
te clasificarás
se clasifica
se clasificó
se clasificaba
se clasificaría
se clasificará
nos clasificamos
nos clasificamos
nos clasificábamos
nos clasificaríamos
nos clasificaremos
os clasificáis
os clasificasteis
os clasificabais
os clasificaríais
os clasificaréis
se clasifican
se clasificaron
se clasificaban
se clasificarían
se clasificarán
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