qué día
1. (used to express surprise on how a day went) 
Se me descompuso el coche, llegué tarde a la cita y hasta perdí mi celular. ¡Qué día!My car broke down, I was late for an appointment, and I even lost my cellphone. What a day!
2. (in which day) 
a. what day 
Pablo y Regina todavía no saben qué día se van a casar.Pablo and Regina still don't know what day they're getting married.
b. which day 
Sara va a checar qué día de la semana le queda mejor para ir a tomar un café.Sara is going to check which day of the week is best for her to go for coffee.
c. what date 
He estado tan ocupado que no sé ni qué día es hoy.I've been so busy that I don't even know what date is today.
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