Pulp in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. pulpa (f) carne (f) (of fruit)
  • to reduce something to (a) pulp reducir algo a (una) pasta
  • to beat somebody to a pulp (familiar) hacer picadillo or papilla a alguien
  • pulp fiction literatura (f) barata or de baja estofa, novelas (f pl) de tiros
transitive verb
2. hacer pasta de papel con
pulp [pʌlp]
1 (paper pulp, wood pulp) pasta (f); pulpa (f); (for paper) pulpa (f) de madera
to reduce sth to pulp hacer algo papilla; a leg crushed to pulp una pierna hecha trizas; to beat sb to a pulp dar a algn una tremenda paliza; hacer a algn papilla (informal)
2 [of fruit, vegetable] pulpa (f)
transitive verb
reducir a pulpa
pulp literature (n) literatura (f) barata
pulp magazine (n) revista (f) amarilla
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