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masculine noun
1. port (de mar)
  • llegar a puerto to come into port; to make it in the end (figurative)
  • puerto deportivo marina
  • puerto franco o libre free port
  • puerto pesquero fishing port
2. pass (de montaña)
  • subir/bajar un puerto to go up/down a mountain pass
3. port (computing)
  • puerto paralelo/serie parallel/serial port
4. haven (refugio)
1 (para embarcaciones) port; harbour; harbor; (EEUU)
entrar a o tomar puerto to enter (into) port
llegar a buen puerto to get over a difficulty; come through safely
puerto comercial trading port
puerto de contenedores container port
puerto de entrada port of entry
puerto de escala port of call
puerto de gran calado deep-water port
puerto de mar seaport
puerto de origen home port
puerto deportivo marina; yachting harbour
puerto franco puerto libre free port
puerto naval naval port; naval harbour
puerto pesquero fishing port
2 (also puerto de montaña) pass
3 (Informática) port
puerto de expansión expansion port
puerto de serie serial port
puerto (de transmisión en) paralelo parallel port
puerto (de transmisión en) serie puerto en serie serial port
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