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transitive verb
1. to provoke (incitar)
2. to cause, to bring about (causar) (accidente, muerte) ; to start (incendio, rebelión) ; to elicit (sonrisa, burla)
  • provocar las iras de alguien to anger somebody
  • provocó las risas de todos he made everyone laugh
  • el polvo me provoca estornudos dust makes me sneeze
3. to lead on (excitar sexualmente)
intransitive verb
4. (apetecer)
  • ¿te provoca hacerlo? would you like to do it? (Carib, Colombian Spanish, Mexican Spanish), do you fancy doing it? (British)
transitive verb
1 (causar) [+protesta, explosión] to cause; spark off; [+fuego] to cause; start (deliberately); [+cambio] to bring about; lead to; [+proceso] to promote
provocar risa a algn to make sb laugh; incendio provocado arson
2 [+parto] to induce; bring on
3 [+persona] (gen) to provoke; (incitar) to rouse; stir up (to anger); (tentar) to tempt; invite
¡no me provoques! don't start me!; provocar a algn a cólera o indignación to rouse sb to fury; provocar a algn a lástima to move sb to pity
provocar a algn a la risa
el mar provoca a bañarse the sea invites one to go for a swim
4 (sexualmente) to rouse
intransitive verb
1 (Latinoamérica) (gustar, apetecer)
me provoca comer I feel like eating; ¿te provoca un café? would you like a coffee?; do you fancy a coffee?; ¿qué le provoca? what would you like?; what do you fancy?; no me provoca la idea the idea doesn't appeal to me; I don't fancy the idea; —¿por qué no vas? —no me provoca "why aren't you going?" — "I don't feel like it"; no me provoca estudiar hoy I'm not in the mood for studying today; I don't feel like studying today
2 (vomitar) to be sick; throw up (familiar)
Verb Conjugations for provocar
Gerund: provocando
Participle: provocado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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