transitive verb
1. (incitar) 
a. to provoke 
2. (causar; accidente, muerte) 
a. to cause, to bring about 
3. (incendio, rebelión) 
a. to start 
4. (sonrisa, burla) 
a. to elicit 
provocar las iras de alguiento anger somebody
provocó las risas de todoshe made everyone laugh
el polvo me provoca estornudosdust makes me sneeze
5. (excitar sexualmente) 
a. to lead on 
intransitive verb
6. (apetecer) () 
¿te provoca hacerlo?would you like to do it? do you fancy doing it?
transitive verb
1 (causar) [+protesta, explosión] to cause; spark off; [+fuego] to cause; start (deliberately); [+cambio] to bring about; lead to; [+proceso] to promote
provocar risa a algn to make sb laugh; incendio provocado arson
2 [+parto] to induce; bring on
3 [+persona] (gen) to provoke; (incitar) to rouse; stir up (to anger); (tentar) to tempt; invite
¡no me provoques! don't start me!; provocar a algn a cólera o indignación to rouse sb to fury; provocar a algn a lástima to move sb to pity
provocar a algn a la risa
el mar provoca a bañarse the sea invites one to go for a swim
4 (sexualmente) to rouse
intransitive verb
1 (Latinoamérica) (gustar, apetecer)
me provoca comer I feel like eating; ¿te provoca un café? would you like a coffee?; do you fancy a coffee?; ¿qué le provoca? what would you like?; what do you fancy?; no me provoca la idea the idea doesn't appeal to me; I don't fancy the idea; —¿por qué no vas? —no me provoca "why aren't you going?" "I don't feel like it"; no me provoca estudiar hoy I'm not in the mood for studying today; I don't feel like studying today
2 (vomitar) to be sick; throw up (familiar)
Verb Conjugations for provocar
Gerund: provocando
Participle: provocado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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