1. (given) 
a. supplied 
La fruta provista por esta granja orgánica es muy rica.The fruit supplied by this organic farm is really delicious.
b. provided 
La información provista por el abogado indica que este juicio va para largo.Information provided by the lawyer indicates that this trial is going to be lengthy.
2. (full of certain items) 
a. stocked 
Una cocina provista y mucho tiempo libre es todo lo que Fred necesita para pasar unas buenas vacaciones.A stocked kitchen and plenty of free time is all Fred needs for a good vacation.
provisto de algo [+persona] provided with sth; supplied with sth; [+automóvil, máquina] equipped with sth; no iban provistos de suficiente comida they didn't have enough food with them; el televisor viene provisto de mando a distancia the television comes with remote control included o complete with remote control
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