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proven [ˈpruːvən]
1 (gen) [+formula, method] de eficacia probada; [+abilities] probado
We stuck to our usual and proven formula: an expert study group it is a scientifically proven method of identifying substances to which you are allergic he was searching for a scorer of experience and proven ability to help his side's push for a place in the UEFA cup a proven track record an entrepreneur who has a proven track record - such as Richard Branson Hanson has a proven track record in efficient management people with a proven track record of loyalty
it's a proven fact that ... está probado or demostrado que ...; es un hecho comprobado que ...
2 [ˈprəʊvən] (Scot) (Jur)
the case was found not proven el acusado fue absuelto por falta de pruebas
juries can return three verdicts: guilty, not guilty or not proven verdict of not proven
intransitive verb
  • provenir de to come from
intransitive verb
provenir de to come from; la palabra "ruleta" proviene del francés the word "roulette" comes from (the) French; esto proviene de no haberlo curado antes this stems from o comes from o is a result of not having treated it earlier
Dann proviene del movimiento antinuclear Cuando el esperma proviene de la pareja (Inseminación Intraconyugal, Su mayor fama proviene de su teoría, aceptada como verosímil por los investigadores, sobre el origen polinésico -entre otros del hombre americano.
Verb Conjugations for provenir
Gerund: proviniendo
Participle: provenido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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