transitive verb
1. (to give) 
a. to provide 
Estamos proveyendo agua y comida a las víctimas del desastre.We are providing water and food to the victims of the disaster.
b. to supply 
Los granjeros locales proveen vegetales orgánicos a ese supermercado.Local farmers supply organic vegetables to that supermarket.
2. (to hire) 
a. to fill 
Hemos provisto la vacante, pero guardaremos su CV en nuestra base de datos.We've already filled the opening but we'll keep your CV in our database.
intransitive verb
3. (to furnish) 
a. to provide 
Todo está provisto con ese paquete de vacaciones.Everything is provided for with that vacation package.
reflexive verb
4. (to furnish oneself with) 
a. to provide oneself with 
Tenemos que proveernos de suficiente madera para el invierno.We have to provide ourselves with enough wood for the winter.
transitive verb
1. (abastecer) 
a. to supply, to provide 
proveer a alguien de algoto provide o supply somebody with something
2. (puesto, cargo) 
a. to fill 
pronominal verb
3. (general) 
proveerse deto stock up on
proveerprovisto y proveído (participio_de_pasado)
transitive verb
1 (suministrar) to supply; furnish;de with
2 (preparar) to provide; get ready
proveer todo lo necesario to provide all that is necessary;para for;
3 [+vacante] to fill
4 [+negocio] to transact; dispatch
5 (Jur) to decree
intransitive verb
proveer a to provide for; proveer a las necesidades de algn to provide for sb's needs; proveer a un vicio de algn to pander to sb's vice
pronominal verb
proveerse de algo to provide o.s. with sth
Verb Conjugations for proveer
Gerund: proveyendo
Participle: proveído,provisto
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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