1. (expectation, thought) 
a. la perspectiva (F) 
there is very little prospect of ites muy poco probable
there is no prospect of agreementno hay posibilidad or perspectivas de acuerdo
future prospectsperspectivas de futuro
a job with prospectsun trabajo con buenas perspectivas (de futuro)
2. (view) 
a. la vista f, panorámica (F) 
intransitive verb
3. (general) 
to prospect for goldhacer prospecciones en busca de oro
1 (outlook) perspectiva (f)
it was a daunting/pleasant prospect era una perspectiva desalentadora/agradable; the prospects look grim las perspectivas son desalentadoras; prospects for the harvest are poor el panorama se anuncia más bien negro para la cosecha
this prospect cheered him up kitting out your first home can be a daunting prospect /she did not relish the prospect/ of climbing another flight of stairs what a prospect! after supper he'd put his feet up and read - /it was a pleasant prospect/
she was excited at the prospect of the China trip estaba entusiasmada con la perspectiva de irse a China
he was terrified at the prospect la perspectiva le aterraba
to face the prospect of sthbe faced with the prospect of sth verse ante la perspectiva de algo
faced with the prospect of bankruptcy he committed suicide ante la perspectiva de la ruina, se suicidó
having moved to Germany in search of asylum /they now face the prospect of being forcibly repatriated/ they now face the prospect of having to wear a cycling helmet by law thousands of people are now facing the prospect of homelessness
in prospect en perspectiva
there is no real alternative in prospect with an election in prospect they are taking no chances
to have sth in prospect tener algo en perspectiva
we had a pleasant day in prospect
2 (possibility) posibilidad (f)
the prospect of an early peace to hold out the prospect of sth
the job held out the prospect of rapid promotion el trabajo ofrecía la posibilidad de ascender con rapidez
this research holds out the prospect of a cure for the disease the Soviet peace plan may hold out the prospect of an end to sanctions genetic research holds out the prospect of identifying individuals who may be predisposed to certain kinds of criminal conduct the document does hold out the prospect of a treaty between Israel and Jordan there is every prospect of an early settlement to the dispute
there is little prospect of his coming hay pocas posibilidades de que venga
he has little prospect of success/of succeeding tiene pocas posibilidades de tener éxito
this raises the prospect of all-out war the job offered the prospect of foreign travel the prospects for peace seemed as remote as ever for some miners, there is little prospect of ever getting another job she has a reasonable prospect of recovery
I see no prospect of that (happening) eso no lo creo probable
the clouds were high and /there was every prospect of a fine day/ there is a very real prospect that this bill will become law
he didn't relish the prospect of having to look for another job no le entusiasmaba la posibilidad de tener que buscar otro trabajo
3 prospects (future possibilities) porvenir (m); futuro (m)
a job with no prospects un trabajo sin porvenir; un trabajo sin (perspectivas de) futuro; what are his prospects? ¿qué perspectivas de futuro tiene?
he has no prospects they conducted a detailed review of the company's prospects after six months of looking, she has no job and no prospects she was under considerable pressure from both parents not to marry an ex-con with no prospects
job/promotion prospects perspectivas (f) de trabajo/ascenso
they were worried about their job prospects the job offers good prospects of promotion
future prospects perspectivas (f) de futuro
she has good prospects tiene buen porvenir or un buen futuro
his long term prospects are not good future prospects for the steel industry there's confusion about the future prospects for the economy a team living on past reputation rather than present ability or future prospects success or failure here would be crucial to his future prospects our future prospects had never looked so good
4 (view) panorama (m); vista (f)
a prospect of spires, domes and towers
a prospect of Toledo un panorama de Toledo; una vista de Toledo
5 (prospective candidate, champion etc)
the company is not an attractive prospect for shareholders la empresa no representa una opción or posibilidad atractiva para los accionistas
he has emerged as England's most exciting prospect for years. The signs of promise showed in the Edgbaston Test against the West Indies last year
the man who is Britain's best prospect for a gold medal in the Olympics el hombre que tiene mayores posibilidades de conseguir una medalla de oro para Gran Bretaña en las Olimpiadas; Steve is a great prospect for the future of British chess Steve promete muchísimo para el futuro del ajedrez británico
he was never even a remote prospect for the White House he is a good prospect for the England team Jefferson is considered the better prospect because he is younger They are doing everything to make him a more attractive prospect to buying clubs said that Labour now represents the most attractive prospect to people in the South /he looks a good prospect/ and will be staying with us for the rest of the season he's a great prospect and we think he'll turn into a top-class player
a salesman who considers everybody a prospect un vendedor que considera a todo el mundo como un potencial comprador
6 (marriage partner) partido (m)
he's/she's not much of a prospect for her/him no es muy buen partido para ella/él
7 (Min) zona donde es probable que haya yacimientos de minerales
transitive verb
[+area, land] hacer prospecciones en; prospectar
a group of oil workers prospecting an area of the Congo republic the region has been protected from commercial prospecting by the Antarctic Treaty of 1959 they were prospecting the Cameroons for minerals
intransitive verb
hacer prospecciones; prospectar
oil companies are prospecting near here las compañías petrolíferas están haciendo prospecciones or prospectando cerca de aquí
he had spent some time prospecting in a remote part of South America
to prospect for gold buscar oro
he travelled around prospecting for gold salesmen are always prospecting for new customers the politicians are prospecting for votes he was gold prospecting in the Yukon he would spend his evenings cruising around, prospecting for pick-ups he had prospected for minerals everywhere from the Gobi Desert to the Transvaal
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