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transitive verb
1. proponer
  • to propose to do something, to propose doing something proponer hacer algo; (suggest) proponerse hacer algo (intend)
  • to propose a toast proponer un brindis
intransitive verb
  • he proposed to her le pidió que se casara con él
propose [prəˈpəʊz]
transitive verb
1 (suggest) (gen) proponer
the idea was first proposed in 1789 la idea se propuso por primera vez en 1789; what do you propose? ¿qué propones?
"I don't think we should do that" - "well, what do you propose then?" what course do you propose? even before they moved in, he had started to propose alterations to their new house
to propose sth to sb proponer algo a algn
this is the plan I proposed to him Britain is about to propose changes to European Community institutions
to propose doing sth
I propose writing her a letter (I suggest I write) me propongo escribirle una carta; (I suggest that someone writes) yo propongo que se le escriba una carta
to propose [doing] sth he has proposed sending in more troops
to propose that proponer que
I propose that we go and see her propongo que vayamos a verla
it was George who first proposed that we dry clothes in that locker he was the first to propose that the earth was round Newton proposed that heavenly and terrestrial motion could be unified with the idea of gravity his solicitor had proposed to him that he might like to make a will
(in meeting, parliament) [+amendment] proponer; [+motion] presentar
senators may propose amendments to any bill Senators Nunn and Boren are proposing amendments to the Senate budget plan who is proposing the motion? Mr Benn proposed the motion "that this House has no confidence in the Prime Minister" a delegate from Siberia proposed a resolution that he stand down as party chairman
to propose marriage to sb proponer a algn en matrimonio; hacer una proposición or propuesta de matrimonio a algn
Ron was married at the time to his first wife but it didn't deter him from proposing marriage to me the day he proposed marriage to me
to propose sb's health beber a la salud de algn; brindar por algn
Bob Boothby proposed our health the parish priest proposed the health of the new governess
to propose a toast (to sb) proponer un brindis (por algn)
he proposed a toast to the health of the bride and groom I'd like to propose a toast Major Thomson was given the honour of proposing the customary toast to the Queen his brother-in-law proposed a toast to the happy couple
2 (nominate)
he proposed Smith as or for chairman propuso a Smith como presidente
to propose sb for membership of a club proponer a algn como socio de un club
I asked Robert Balfour and Dawyck Haig to propose and second me seven candidates have been proposed and voting is beginning this afternoon
3 (intend)
to propose to do sth propose doing sth pensar hacer algo
I do not propose to discuss this matter any further no pienso hablar más de este asunto
do you actually propose to publish this? I asked her what method of assessment she proposed to use in teaching it's still far from clear what action the government proposes to take over the affair
what do you propose doing? ¿qué piensas hacer?
where do you propose getting the money for it?
intransitive verb
1 (offer marriage)
to propose to sb proponer a algn en matrimonio; hacer una proposición de matrimonio a algn
he had proposed to Isabel the day after taking his seat in Parliament Michael proposed to me in the corridor at work and I accepted
have you proposed yet? ¿le has propuesto en matrimonio ya?; ¿le has hecho una proposición de matrimonio ya?
man proposes, God disposes el hombre propone y Dios dispone
Verb Conjugations for proponer
Gerund: proponiendo
Participle: propuesto
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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