1. (suggestion) 
Your proposal for the new TV program sounds interesting.Su propuesta para el nuevo programa de televisión suena interesante.
2. (marriage offer) 
He bought a beautiful ring to surprise her with his proposal.Compró un hermoso anillo para sorprenderla con su propuesta de matrimonio.
He took her to the best restaurant in the city to make his proposal.La llevó al mejor restaurante de la ciudad para hacerle su proposición de matrimonio.
3. (plan) 
The company has a proposal to build a new apartment building downtown.La empresa tiene un proyecto para construir un nuevo edificio de departamentos en el centro.
1. (offer) 
a. la propuesta (F) 
2. (plan) 
a. el proyecto (M) 
proposal (of marriage)propuesta or proposición de matrimonio
proposal [prəˈpəʊzl]
1 (offer, suggestion) (gen) propuesta (f); proposición (f); (written submission) propuesta (f)
they have rejected the latest peace proposal han rechazado la última propuesta de paz
Democrats and moderate Republicans will support his proposal there are several proposals before the committee the proposal for a pause in hostilities came from the Soviet Union Pakistan's proposal for a nuclear non-proliferation treaty the Community has offered its own proposals for easing trade barriers the two governments discussed /a proposal for ending hostilities/ proposals for the amendment of this treaty their proposal for cuts in subsidies was due to be submitted to the negotiators last week proposal [to] do sth it is a new proposal to reform the currency my proposal was to come back later there is controversy about /a proposal to build a new nuclear power station/
to make sb an indecent proposal hacer una proposición deshonesta a algn
let me make a proposal permítame hacer una propuesta or proposición
I made the proposal that we should adjourn the meeting propuse que levantásemos la sesión
Canada finally has made a proposal to amend its human rights law to [make] a proposal
to put forward a proposal presentar una propuesta
the Soviet Union is putting forward a new proposal to end the Gulf War the President is to put forward new proposals for resolving the country's constitutional crisis we decided to put forward our own proposals at the beginning of March
an advert asking for writers to submit proposals for a new TV series un anuncio pidiendo a los escritores que mandaran propuestas para una nueva serie televisiva
2 (also proposal of marriage) proposición (f) de matrimonio; propuesta (f) de matrimonio
she has already had several proposals proposal of [marriage] she accepted his proposal of marriage
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