1. (possession) 
Hey, don't touch the car. It's not your property.Oye, no toques el coche. No es de tu propiedad.
2. (real estate) 
Who owns the property next door?¿Quién es el dueño de la propiedad de al lado?
This luxurious property has been discounted to under $10,000,000.Este lujoso inmueble ha bajado a menos de $10,000,000.
We plan to develop this property into a first class hotel.Tenemos la intención de convertir este terreno en un hotel de primera clase.
3. (attribute) 
This plant is said to have cancer-curing properties.Se dice que esta planta tiene propiedades que curan el cáncer.
4. (phenomenon) 
He is the hottest property in Hollywood this year.Él es la estrella de moda en Hollywood este año.
5. (theater) 
The properties for the play included swords, apples, and coffee cups.Los accesorios para la obra incluyeron espadas, manzanas y tazas para café.
plural noun
6. (theater) 
a. el atrezzo (M) (Mexico) (Spain) 
The students made the play's properties.El atrezzo de la obra lo hicieron los alumnos.
1. (possessions) 
a. la propiedades (F) 
2. (land, house) 
a. el propiedad f, inmueble (M) 
property bubbleburbuja inmobiliaria
property developerpromotor(ora) inmobiliario(a)
property marketmercado inmobiliario
property taximpuesto sobre el patrimonio
3. (quality) 
a. la propiedad (F) 
property [ˈprɒpətɪ]
1 (possession) propiedad (f)
whose property is this? ¿de quién es esto?; ¿a quién pertenece esto?; it doesn't seem to be anyone's property no parece que tenga dueño
"this book is the property of Marling School" most men no longer treat their women as property
she left her property to her daughter dejó sus bienes a su hija
if you are under physical attack, the law gives you the right to defend yourself and your property security forces searched thousands of homes, confiscating weapons and stolen property
common property propiedad (f) de todos
/the land should be enjoyed as common property/, available for everyone the boats were common property, used as needed and left for the next person
government property propiedad (f) del gobierno
he was accused of misusing government property
personal property efectos (m) or objetos (m) personales
you treat me as your personal property me tratas como si fuera de tu propiedad
personal property must not be left in the cloakroom Richard could easily destroy her personal property to punish her for walking out on him
public property (land) bien (m) público
they sell land that's supposed to be public property religious structures of any kind on public property are increasingly being challenged in court
her success made her public property overnight su éxito la convirtió en un personaje público de la noche a la mañana; that news is public property eso lo saben todos ya; esa noticia es ya del dominio público
this information will be public property tomorrow
he was charged with receiving stolen property se le acusó de comerciar con objetos robados
2 (land) (piece of land) propiedad (f); terreno (m)
get off my property salga de mi propiedad
there was a dam at one edge of the property
private property propiedad (f) privada
the vehicle was parked on [private] property
(real estate) propiedades (f)
he owns property in Ireland tiene propiedades en Irlanda
a man/woman of property un hombre/una mujer acomodadoaacomodada;a acomodada
3 (building) propiedad (f); inmueble (m)
a fine property with views over the lake his home is a modern four-bedroomed property with sea views Cecil inherited a family property near Stamford he's got his own property
4 (ownership) propiedad (f)
until three years ago private property was not allowed in Cambodia
5 (phenomenon) fenómeno (m); estrella (f)
she has been dubbed Hollywood's hottest property since Marilyn Monroe the film made Whoopi Goldberg a hot property
he has become the hottest property in football se ha convertido en el fenómeno futbolístico más importante
6 (Teat) accesorio (m);properties accesorios (m); at(t)rezzo (m)
7 (quality) (gen pl) propiedad (f)
this plant has healing properties esta planta tiene propiedades curativas
a radio signal has both electrical and magnetic properties fundamental work on the properties of basic particles
property company (n) compañía (f) inmobiliaria
a local property company approached the council with a low-cost scheme for council offices the emergence of specialist residential property companies
property developer (n) promotorapromotora (m) (f) inmobiliarioainmobiliaria;a promotora a inmobiliaria
the apartment, valued at £800,000, was bought by property developer Mark Littlejohn for just £320,000 Olympia & York became the world's largest property developer by buying at the bottom of the market in the two recessions of the 1970s and 1980s community struggles against property developers and urban renewal
property insurance (n) seguro (m) inmobiliario
property insurance is cheaper if our property is close to a hydrant mortgage applications here require proof of property insurance who is responsible for maintaining property insurance once the property is under contract?
property law (n) ley (f) de la propiedad inmobiliaria
he has fallen victim to an outdated property law which mps have declared unfair when you buy a Spanish property use Spanish solicitors or English lawyers who know Spanish property law
property manager (n) (Teat) accesorista (m); at(t)rezzista (m)
property market property mart (n) mercado (m) inmobiliario
you can find some real bargains in today's depressed property market the property market is picking up at last
property mistress (n) (Teat) accesorista (f); at(t)rezzista (f)
property owner (n) (rural) terrateniente (m)
a local farmer and property owner put up the money for the project
(urban) dueñoadueña (m) (f) de propiedades;a dueña
becoming a property owner entails new responsibilities many property owners on the proposed route of the motorway are opposing it X, the society hostess and Surrey property owner was found dead at home thousands of property owners cannot find buyers for their homes She was motivated by a desire to enable workers to join the ranks of property-owners
property page(s) (n) sección (f) de ventas de inmuebles y viviendas de un periódico; (de un periódico)
the Times's weekend property pages are a good place to look for country properties the article on country cottages on your property page
property rights (n) derechos (m) sobre la propiedad
a choice has to be made between helping to save an endangered species or safeguarding the property rights of a landowner if the farmers have the property rights, the train operator has to pay the farmers a dispute over property rights to a piece of common land [private] property rights their policies tend to favour the protection of private property rights over the public interest the court heard arguments over whether bankruptcy can be used to avoid paying a property settlement in a divorce action courts may be stopped from making property settlements that favour children
property speculation (n) especulación (f) inmobiliaria
the growing threat to the Cote d'Azur from pollution and property speculation the prospects of owning agricultural land may prove very attractive and lead to property speculation and high prices
property speculator (n) especuladoraespeculadora (m) (f) inmobiliarioainmobiliaria;a especuladora a inmobiliaria
the eviction of tenants by property speculators this White Paper will be exploited to the full by property speculators you don't put a notorious property speculator at the head of the country's largest credit institution
property tax (n) impuesto (m) sobre la propriedad
the property was seized for non-payment of property taxes after taxes, including state, local, and property taxes, elderly Americans have more income than the non-elderly voters have been asked to raise property taxes to help maintain the public schools property transfer tax
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property management
la administración de propiedades
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propiedad privada
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