1. (correctly) 
I understand German, but I've never learned to speak it properly.Entiendo alemán, pero nunca he aprendido a hablarlo correctamente.
b. bien 
You're not doing mixing the batter properly. Let me show you.No lo estás mezclando la masa bien. Deja que te enseñe.
2. (appropriately) 
The public has a right to be properly informed about these proposals.El público tiene derecho a estar informado apropiadamente de estas propuestas.
She's very frail. She needs someone who can look after her properly.Está muy delicada. Necesita alguien que le atienda adecuadamente.
3. (respectably) 
The doctor has always conducted himself properly with his patients.El médico siempre se ha comportado correctamente con sus pacientes.
4. (colloquial) (as an intensifier) (United Kingdom) 
We're properly lost and we don't have a compass.Estamos totalmente perdidos y no tenemos brújula.
1. (correctly) 
a. bien 
2. (suitably) 
a. apropiadamente 
properly [ˈprɒpəlɪ]
1 (suitably, adequately) adecuadamente; apropiadamente
the staff are not properly trained el personal no está adecuadamente or apropiadamente capacitado; not properly dressed (for occasion) no vestido de la manera adecuada; (for activity) no vestido de la manera apropiada; I had not eaten properly for the past few days hacía unos días que no comía como es debido
you're not eating properly you can help prevent cancer by eating properly
2 (correctly) [+function, work] bien
my mind wasn't functioning properly the controls weren't working properly
sit up properly! (to child) ¡siéntate como es debido!; if you don't sit up properly you can damage your back si no te sientas correctamente, puedes fastidiarte la espalda; if you can't behave properly I'll have to take you home si no te portas bien, tendremos que irnos a casa
eat your food properly!
to do sth properly hacer algo bien or como es debido
we haven't got the money to do the job properly no tenemos dinero para hacer bien el trabajo or para hacer el trabajo como es debido
if you'd done the job properly this would never have happened She wants the floors mopped every day, but only with the sponge mop; Sue, the cleaning woman,comes once a week to do them properly, on her hands and knees if the operation were not done properly, infection would set in To do their job properly, teachers need to command respect
properly speaking hablando con propiedad; propiamente dicho
My father sometimes called himself Lutheran, but he was really anti-God, and properly speaking he was Freudian it is here that we enter, properly speaking, into our principal area of research "A la recherche du temps perdu" is not, properly speaking, a fiction but a creative autobiography
the process is not properly understood no se sabe exactamente en qué consiste el proceso
he said that Japan's efforts have not been properly understood and appreciated in this country developments in Britain must be considered in their international context to be properly understood
3 (in seemly fashion) correctamente
to behave properly portarse correctamente
she very properly refused se negó a ello e hizo bien
4 (really, thoroughly) verdaderamente
we were properly ashamed/puzzled estábamos verdaderamente avergonzados/confundidos
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