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to pronounce

"pronunciar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to pronounce (palabra, sílaba); to deliver, to make (discurso)
  • no pronunció palabra en toda la reunión -> she didn't utter a word during the whole meeting
2. to accentuate (acentuar, realzar)
3. to pronounce, to pass (law)
pronomial verb
1. to state an opinion (definirse)(sobre on)
  • el presidente se pronunció a favor del proyecto -> the president declared that he was in favor of the project
2. to stage a coup (sublevarse)

pronunciar [pro-noon-the-ar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To pronounce, to utter, to articulate (articular), to enunciate.
2. To pronounce judgment, to issue by authority.
3. To pass upon, or deliberate on, while the principal point is decided.
  • Pronunció unas palabras en las que ->
verb reflexive
4. To rise in insurrection, to declare oneself (declararse).
  • Pronunciarse a favor de -> to pronounce in favor of
5. To revolt, to rise, to rebel. (Poland)
6. To become pronounced (hacerse más marcado). (Figurative)
7. To cough up (soltar la pasta).
(Acad.)., she said that....

1 (Lingüística) [+palabra, idioma] to pronounce; [+sonido] to make; utter
2 (decir) [+discurso] to make; deliver; [+brindis] to propose
pronunciar unas palabras de elogio to say a few words of tribute
pronunciar unas palabras de agradecimiento
pronunció unas palabras en las que ... she said that ...
pronunció unas palabras en las que expresó su satisfacción
3 (Jur) [+sentencia] to pass; pronounce
1 to be pronounced
ese sonido se pronuncia más abierto
no sé cómo se pronuncia esta palabra I don't know how to pronounce this word
la h no se pronuncia
2 (expresarse) to declare o.s.; state one's opinion
pronunciarse a favor de algo to pronounce in favour of sth; declare o.s. in favour of sth; pronunciarse sobre algo to pronounce on sth; make a pronouncement about sth; un 20% no se pronunció 20% expressed no opinion
3 (Política) (Mil) (rebelarse) to revolt; rise
4 (acentuarse) to become (more) pronounced
5 (apoquinar) to cough up (familiar); fork out (familiar)

Verb Conjugations for "pronunciar" (go to to pronounce)


yo pronuncio pronuncié pronunciaba pronunciaría pronunciaré
pronuncias pronunciaste pronunciabas pronunciarías pronunciarás
él/ella/Ud. pronuncia pronunció pronunciaba pronunciaría pronunciará
nosotros pronunciamos pronunciamos pronunciábamos pronunciaríamos pronunciaremos
vosotros pronunciáis pronunciasteis pronunciabais pronunciaríais pronunciaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. pronuncian pronunciaron pronunciaban pronunciarían pronunciarán
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