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transitive verb
1. to pronounce (palabra, sílaba); to deliver, to make (discurso)
  • no pronunció palabra en toda la reunión she didn't utter a word during the whole meeting
2. to accentuate (acentuar, realzar)
3. to pronounce, to pass (law)
pronominal verb
1. to state an opinion (definirse)(sobre on)
  • el presidente se pronunció a favor del proyecto the president declared that he was in favor of the project
2. to stage a coup (sublevarse)
transitive verb
1 (Lingüística) [+palabra, idioma] to pronounce; [+sonido] to make; utter
2 (decir) [+discurso] to make; deliver; [+brindis] to propose
pronunciar unas palabras de elogio to say a few words of tribute
pronunciar unas palabras de agradecimiento
pronunció unas palabras en las que ... she said that ...
pronunció unas palabras en las que expresó su satisfacción
3 (Jur) [+sentencia] to pass; pronounce
pronominal verb
1 to be pronounced
ese sonido se pronuncia más abierto
no sé cómo se pronuncia esta palabra I don't know how to pronounce this word
la h no se pronuncia
2 (expresarse) to declare o.s.; state one's opinion
pronunciarse a favor de algo to pronounce in favour of sth; declare o.s. in favour of sth; pronunciarse sobre algo to pronounce on sth; make a pronouncement about sth; un 20% no se pronunció 20% expressed no opinion
3 (Política) (Mil) (rebelarse) to revolt; rise
4 (acentuarse) to become (more) pronounced
5 (apoquinar) to cough up (familiar); fork out (familiar)
Verb Conjugations for pronunciar
Gerund: pronunciando
Participle: pronunciado
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