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transitive verb
1. pronunciar (word)
  • this letter is not pronounced esta letra no se pronuncia
2. manifestar (declare) (opinion)
  • to pronounce that… manifestar que…
  • to pronounce oneself for/against something pronunciarse a favor de/en contra de algo
  • he was pronounced dead/innocent fue declarado muerto/inocente
  • to pronounce sentence (Law) dictar sentencia
intransitive verb
  • to pronounce on pronunciarse sobre
  • to pronounce for/against somebody emitir un dictamen a favor de/en contra de alguien
pronounce [prəˈnaʊns]
transitive verb
1 [+letter, word] pronunciar
how do you pronounce it? ¿cómo se pronuncia?; the "k" in "knee" is not pronounced la "k" de "knee" no se pronuncia
2 (declare) declarar
they pronounced him unfit to plead lo declararon incapaz de defenderse; he was pronounced dead se dictaminó que estaba muerto; "I now pronounce you man and wife" —y ahora os declaro marido y mujer; to pronounce o.s. for/against sth declararse a favor de/en contra de algo; to pronounce sentence (Jur) pronunciar or dictar sentencia
intransitive verb
to pronounce in favour of/against sth pronunciarse a favor de/en contra de algo; to pronounce on sth pronunciarse sobre algo
Verb Conjugations for pronunciar
Gerund: pronunciando
Participle: pronunciado
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