prompts is the plural form of prompt.
1. (quick) 
a. rápido 
I expect a prompt reply from customer service.Espero una respuesta rápida por parte de servicio al cliente.
b. no direct translation 
Had it not been for the waiter's prompt action, the poor man would have choked.Si no hubiera sido porque el mesero actuó con rapidez, el pobre hombre se hubiera ahogado.
The front desk staff are very helpful: they were prompt in booking restaurants and tours we selected.El personal de recepción nos ayudó mucho: reservaron rápidamente los restaurantes y excursiones que elegimos.
2. (on time) 
a. puntual 
Employees should be prompt.Los empleados deben ser puntuales.
3. (reminder) 
a. el apunte (M) 
The teacher uses a series of prompts - questions and flash cards - to elicit the correct response from pupils.El profesor usa una serie de apuntes - preguntas y tarjetas - para obtener las respuestas correctas de los alumnos.
4. (theater) 
a. el apunte (M) 
Cecile forgot her next line and looked at the prompt to get back on track.A Cecile se le olvidó la siguiente línea y miró el apunte para volverse a centrar.
5. (computing) 
A prompt appeared on the screen requesting information.Apareció un mensaje en la pantalla solicitando información.
6. (occupation) 
She has been a prompt in two plays this year.Ha sido apuntadora en dos obras este año.
7. (punctually) (United Kingdom) 
a. en punto 
We will begin the conference at 8 am prompt.Vamos a comenzar la conferencia a las 8 am en punto.
The bus will leave prompt at 7 pm.El autobús partirá puntualmente a las 7 pm.
transitive verb
8. (to be the cause of) 
a. provocar 
The news of the embezzlement of funds prompted a scandal and the minister had to resign.La noticia de la malversación de fondos provocó un escándalo y el ministro tuvo que dimitir.
b. dar lugar 
The picture of him with Sonia prompted questions that he didn't want to answer.La foto de él con Sonia dio lugar a preguntas que no quería contestar.
9. (to induce) 
a. empujar 
The news prompted people to do crazy things.La noticia empujó a la gente a hacer locuras.
b. motivar 
The result prompted her to keep fighting.El resultado la motivó a seguir luchando.
c. mover 
The natural disaster prompted everyone to migrate.El desastre natural movió a todos a emigrar.
10. (to encourage to continue) 
a. apuntar 
I prompt the lines to the actors on stage.Yo apunto las líneas a los actores en el escenario.
b. soplar 
Henry prompted Ronda when she got stuck during her presentation to the board.Henry le sopló a Ronda cuando se atascó durante su presentación a la mesa directiva.
1. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to give an actor a promptdar el pie a un actor
2. (computers) 
a. el mensaje (al usuario) (M) (short phrase) 
return to the C:\ promptvolver a C:\
3. (swift) 
a. rápido(a) 
prompt paymentpronto pago m
4. (punctual) 
a. puntual 
5. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
at three o'clock prompta las tres en punto
transitive verb
6. (cause) 
a. provocar, suscitar 
to prompt somebody to do somethingprovocar que alguien haga algo, impulsar a alguien a hacer algo
7. (theater) 
a. apuntar 
8. (encourage; interviewee) 
a. ayudar a seguir 
prompt [prɒmpt]
1 (speedy) [+delivery, reply, service] rápido
it is not too late, but prompt action is needed no es demasiado tarde pero hay que actuar inmediatamente or es necesario tomar medidas inmediatas; if it hadn't been for her prompt action, we would all have drowned si no hubiera sido porque reaccionó con mucha rapidez, nos hubiéramos ahogado todos
an inflammation of the eyeball which needs prompt treatment prompt reporting of a car burglary to the police enabled them to trace the thieves "I've already done it" came the prompt reply the organisers had been caught by surprise at the prompt response to the appeal they have an excellent reputation for quality and prompt delivery
they were prompt to offer their services ofrecieron sus servicios inmediatamente or rápidamente
she was prompt to dismiss any suspicions I might have had
the company was prompt in its response to these accusations la empresa reaccionó inmediatamente ante estas acusaciones; la empresa reaccionó con prontitud a estas acusaciones
you have been so prompt in carrying out all these commissions
2 (punctual) puntual
she is always prompt and efficient siempre es puntual y eficiente; please be prompt se ruega puntualidad; there is a discount for prompt payment se hace un descuento por prontitud en el pago
there is a 10% discount for prompt payment we didn't worry because they were always so prompt with their rental payment prompt payment would be appreciated
[+start, arrive] puntualmente
he had done his homework and came up prompt with the figure
at two o'clock prompt a las dos en punto
the meeting will begin at 8 o'clock prompt
transitive verb
1 (motivate) empujar
I was prompted by a desire to see justice done me movía el deseo de ver que se hiciera justicia
he was not prompted by thoughts of rivalry
to prompt sb to do sth mover or incitar a algn a hacer algo; what prompted you to do it? ¿qué te movió or incitó a hacerlo?; I felt prompted to protest me vi forzado or empujado a protestar
the article prompted him to call a meeting of the staff the recession has prompted consumers to cut back on spending it's the sort of answer which will prompt them to think more deeply the European exchange rate mechanism could prompt industry to shed more jobs it was outrageous to insinuate that /financial considerations had prompted him to defend the Chinese regime/ he does not drink now, but there is still the possibility that some future event might prompt him to start drinking again we listened so attentively that the Doctor felt prompted to expand on his theme to prompt sb [into] sth I prompted Alex into telling some stories the strength of the yen prompted traders into selling dollars it was Anne's nagging which prompted me into this visit to the doctor the Liberals were prompted into creating a party organization by the Reform Bill of August 1867
2 (give rise to) [+thought, question] dar lugar a; [+reply, reaction, speculation] provocar; dar lugar a
it has prompted questions about his suitability ha dado lugar a que se cuestione su idoneidad; what prompted that question? ¿cuál fue el motivo de esa pregunta?; my choice was prompted by a number of considerations hay varias consideraciones que han influido en mi elección
a decision prompted by fear the French ban on imports of British beef was prompted by fears about BSE the incident has prompted calls for his resignation every answer only seems to prompt another question the recent food shortages in the Soviet Union have prompted a generous response in Germany the increases may well prompt widespread protests a meeting has been arranged between the leaders of the Soviet Union and South Korea and /this has prompted speculation that the two countries are about to establish diplomatic relations/ her letter prompted these thoughts from the editor
3 (help with speech) apuntar
don't prompt her! ¡no le apuntes!; ¡no le soples cosas al oído! (informal)
the witness had to be prompted "yes?" Morris prompted, after a pause "you wouldn't have wanted to bring those people to justice anyway, would you?" Brand prompted him "how exactly did he prompt her, Mr Markham?"
4 (Teat) apuntar
she had to be prompted three times tuvieron que apuntarle tres veces
intransitive verb
(Teat) apuntar
who's prompting tonight?
1 (suggestion, reminder) apunte (m); palabra (f) clave que ayuda a recordar; (que ayuda a recordar)
use frequent prompts to help the children put their thoughts into words her blushes were saved by a prompt from one of her hosts we'll just put him in the studio and let him talk with an occasional prompt or two
2 (Teat) (person) apuntadoraapuntadora (m) (f);a apuntadora
she sailed through the part without a single prompt the stagehands set the prompts for the next show
to give sb a prompt apuntar a algn; I had to be given a prompt me tuvieron que apuntar
3 (Comput) aviso (m)
when you get the "C" prompt when the "C" prompt appears on the screen, type install and press return
prompt box (n) (Teat) concha (f) (del apuntador)
prompt side (n) (Teat) lado (m) izquierdo (del actor)
[off] prompt side
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