1. (right away) 
Dolly promptly devoured the cookies soon as her mother left the house.Dolly devoró las galletas inmediatamente en cuanto su madre se fue de la casa.
George had in fact received the collections notice and had promptly thrown it in the trash.George sí había recibido el aviso de morosidad y lo había tirado a la basura de inmediato.
2. (without delay) 
Clara returned home promptly when she learned there was a fire in the neighborhood.Clara regresó a casa rápidamente cuando supo que había un incendio en el vecindario.
Make sure that you are responding to all work-related emails promptly.Asegúrense de responder sin demora los correos relacionados con el trabajo.
Why am I being evicted? I've always paid my rent promptly.¿Por qué me están desalojando? Siempre he pagado el alquiler con prontitud.
3. (on time) 
Please arrive promptly at 8:00 am.Por favor, llegue puntualmente a las 8:00 am.
1. (rapidly) 
a. sin demora 
2. (punctually) 
a. con puntualidad 
3. (immediately) 
a. inmediatamente 
promptly [ˈprɒmptlɪ]
(immediately) inmediatamente; (fast) [+pay, deliver, reply] rápidamente; con prontitud; (punctually) [+start, arrive] en punto; puntualmente
they left promptly at six partieron a las seis en punto; he flopped onto the sofa and promptly fell asleep se dejó caer en el sofá y se durmió inmediatamente
we need to act promptly to tackle these problems the Soviet Union responded promptly by counterattacking The Yankees promptly proceeded to score twice the theft should be reported promptly "cancel it" she said promptly radio interviewees managed to reply promptly to the most difficult of questions measures to induce people to pay more promptly he apologized and said he would arrive promptly in future make sure you arrive in plenty of time and start promptly
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