transitive verb
1. (to forbid) 
a. prohibir 
He has been prohibited from driving for six months.Se le ha prohibido conducir durante seis meses.
2. (to prevent) 
a. impedir 
His disability prohibited him from joining the police.Su discapacidad le impedía hacerse policía.
transitive verb
1. (forbid) 
a. prohibir 
to prohibit somebody from doing somethingprohibir a alguien que haga algo
smoking prohibitedprohibido fumar
it is prohibited by lawlo prohíbe la ley
prohibit [prəˈhɪbɪt]
transitive verb
1 (forbid) prohibir
to prohibit sb from doing sth prohibir a algn hacer algo
it is prohibited to feed the animals se prohíbe dar de comer a los animales
smoking prohibited se prohíbe or está prohibido fumar
prohibited area zona (f) prohibida
2 (prevent)
to prohibit sb from doing sth impedir a algn hacer algo; his health prohibits him from swimming su salud le impide nadar
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