1. (not allowed) 
a. forbidden 
Adán y Eva comieron del fruto prohibido y fueron expulsados del Paraíso.Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and were expelled from Paradise.
b. banned 
El arquero negó haber consumido sustancias prohibidas.The goalkeeper denied having taken banned substances.
Es una arma prohibida, y su simple tenencia está tipificada como delito.It is a prohibited weapon, and its mere possession is categorized as an offense.
2. (in signs) 
Prohibido dar de comer a los patos.Please do not feed the ducks.
¡Apaga ese cigarrillo! ¿No viste el cartel de "Prohibido fumar"?Put that cigarette out! Didn't you see the "No smoking" sign?
1. (general) 
a. prohibited, banned 
un libro prohibidoa banned book
la fruta prohibidathe forbidden fruit
está prohibido fumar aquíthis is a no-smoking area
prohibido aparcar/fumarno parking/smoking, parking/smoking prohibited
prohibido fijar cartelesstick no bills
prohibida la entradano entry
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estar prohibido
to be forbidden
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