1. (insightful) 
a. profundo 
I didn't expect to touch on such profound ideas in a chemistry class.No esperaba tocar temas tan profundos en una clase de química.
2. (meaningful) 
a. profundo 
There is a profound difference between having a plan and having a purpose.Hay una diferencia profunda entre tener un plan y tener un propósito.
3. (intense) 
a. profundo 
It is with profound sadness that we inform you of the death of our school's director.Es con tristeza profunda que les informamos de la muerte del director de la escuela.
4. (extensive) 
a. extenso 
I don't think the government is prepared to make such profound changes.No creo que el gobierno este preparado para realizar cambios tan extensos.
5. (complete) 
a. profundo 
The spelunkers could see nothing in the profound darkness of the cave.Los espeleólogos no podían ver nada en la oscuridad profunda de la cueva.
6. (physically deep) 
a. profundo 
Many treasures lie hidden in the profound depths of the Atlantic.Hay muchos tesoros escondidos en las zonas más profundas del Atlántico.
1. (general) 
a. profundo(a) 
profound [prəˈfaʊnd]
1 (deep, intense) [+emotion, silence] profundo; [+effect, influence, changes] profundo; grande
the public felt a profound sense of loss Her Majesty's actual arrival had come as both a profound relief and a disappointing anticlimax it was an experience that I think had a profound effect on me the book had a profound effect in the USA it calls for profound changes in the way you operate Ginsberg was able to use his profound knowledge of Aramaic to throw new light on the discovery
2 (meaningful) [+ideas, thoughts] profundo; [+person] de ideas profundas; [+book, writing] profundo
her first novel is very profound su primera novela es muy profunda
That's a very profound question to ask, and it could be very intimidating Martin King said something to me that's very profound "The joys and sorrows of all owl species are basically the same" - "How very profound," his sister said. `And which of your foreign friends taught you that little masterpiece of homespun philosophy?
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