1. (finance) 
The company's profits have been growing steadily this year.Las ganancias de la empresa han crecido de manera constante este año.
Since our expenses have been met for the year, from here on everything that comes in is pure profit.Puesto que nuestros gastos del año se han cubierto, a partir de ahora todo lo que entre serán puros beneficios.
c. las utilidades (F) (Latin America) 
We know that the first year we won't make any profits, but we do expect to from the second year on.Sabemos que el primer año no vamos a sacar utilidades, pero esperamos que a partir del segundo año sí.
2. (advantage) 
He used his position to his own profit and let the community suffer.Usó su puesto para su propio beneficio y dejó que la comunidad sufriera.
His wife divorced him because he was only interested in his own profit.Su esposa se divorció de él porque solo le interesaba su propio provecho.
intransitive verb
3. (to benefit) 
He profited greatly from dance classes, even though he never danced professionally.Sacó mucho provecho de sus clases de baile, aunque nunca bailó profesionalmente.
1. (of company, on deal) 
a. el beneficio (M) 
at a profitcon beneficios
to make a profitobtener or sacar beneficios
2. (commerce) 
a. no direct translation 
profit centercentro de beneficios
profit and loss accountcuenta de pérdidas y ganancias
profit marginmargen de beneficios
3. (advantage) 
a. el provecho (M) 
intransitive verb
4. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to profit by or fromsacar provecho de
profit [ˈprɒfɪt]
1 (Comm) ganancias (f); beneficios (m); utilidades (f); (LAm)
the pursuit of profit you can improve your chances of profit by sensible planning bankers are worried that such deals would offer little or no profit on their investment
a 32% rise in profits un aumento del 32% en las ganancias or los beneficios
they are entitled to a share in the profits the biggest profits should come from computer chips
at a profit
to operate at a profit ser rentable
the bakery could operate at a profit if it were managed differently not a single one of his mines in Montana or Idaho was operating at a profit the magazine was originally intended to run at a profit
to sell (sth) at a profit vender (algo) obteniendo una ganancia
the hope is that these companies will make large profits so the share prices will rise and investors can sell at a profit we're hoping to sell the house we bought two years ago at a profit he bought a second-hand MG, smartened it up with red paint and sold it at a profit an analyst is predicting full-year profits of pounds 10.8m for the year to 31 March their half-year profits were down 43 per cent to £4.2m
to make a profit obtener ganancias or beneficios
they made a profit of two million obtuvieron unas ganancias or unos beneficios de dos millones
it may be several years before the company manages to turn a profit
to make a profit on or out of sth obtener beneficios de algo
to make a profit on a deal we make a profit on most of our concerts farmers were unable to make a profit on the land he makes no profit on your ship until it's working they are making a profit out of other peoples' misfortune I don't want to make a profit out of you to make a [quick] profit] he would do the same with foreign currency, buying pounds one day in the hope of making a quick profit the next buyers tend to go for businesses that will make a quick profit people who sell their electricity shares hoping to make a quick profit he was confident he could make a quick profit on the deal
to show a profit registrar beneficios or ganancias
the company is expected to show a profit for the first quarter after making a loss last year the farm failed to show a profit /the bank is showing a profit/, which is a sign of stability it may cost him £500 million before it shows a profit his only explanation for his failure to show a profit was bad luck
to turn a profit obtener ganancias or beneficios
with profits policy (Insurance) póliza (f) con beneficios
you may be considering cashing in a with-profits endowment policy to release capital a with profits life policy will award you bonuses each year Royal Life has launched a new with-profits bond
2 utilidad (f); beneficio (m)
I could see no profit in antagonizing them no veía qué utilidad or beneficio tenía el enfadarles
the artist found more to his profit in the sculpture collections of the Louvre and other museums there was no profit in cursing, and I felt too dispirited anyway
to turn sth to (one's) profit sacar provecho or beneficio de algo
he has always known how to seize the moment with panache and turn it to his profit it is a path that America might follow with profit the chapters on Egypt may be read with profit
intransitive verb
1 (financially) obtener ganancia; obtener beneficio
you stand to profit when you sell that house the system that allows the banks to flourish and profit the dealers profited shamefully at the expense of my family footballers are accustomed to profiting handsomely from bonuses he has profited by selling his holdings to other investors one of the few Arab countries expected to profit from the Gulf crisis is Libya
to profit by or from sth aprovecharse de algo
we do not want to profit from someone else's misfortunes no queremos aprovecharnos de las desgracias de otros; I can't see how he hopes to profit (by it) no veo qué espera sacar (de ello)
we are supposed to profit from our own mistakes Jennifer wasn't yet totally convinced that she'd profit from a more relaxed lifestyle I was grateful to him, and profited from his advice they had profited by their experience with me
transitive verb
it will profit him nothing no le servirá de nada
so far the French alliance had profited the rebels little whom would it profit to terrify or to kill James Sinclair? what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul? his evil scheming will profit him none
profit and loss account (n) cuenta (f) de pérdidas y ganancias
the £4.2m deficit on the profit and loss account profit centre, > profit center the companies were restructured to create profit centres to improve cost controls they didn't have the foresight to see that the VCR was going to become the most important new profit center in the industry
profit margin (n) margen (m) de beneficios
the higher the net profit margin, the more money the company earns its profit margin after tax was only 3.2 percent they achieve hefty sales and healthy profit margins by operating efficiently
profit motive (n) afán (m) de lucro
the profit motive is inherently at odds with principles of fairness and equity he suggests the profit motive among engineers may actually lead them to compromise their intellectual judgement in a bid to get their own designs selected the police have ruled out any profit motive for the killing many big mainframes weren't needed any more, but given IBM's no-layoff policy, this meant several years of profit squeeze he resigned in protest against a policy of profit squeeze on the steel industry
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