1. (side view) 
a. el perfil (M) 
The actress has a very pretty profile.La actriz tiene un perfil muy bonito.
2. (outline) 
a. el perfil (M) 
We traced the mountain's profile on our map.Trazamos el perfil de la montaña en nuestro mapa.
3. (description) 
a. el perfil (M) 
Have you seen the profile for the job listing?¿Ya viste el perfil del puesto de trabajo?
She still hasn't filled out her Facebook profile.Todavía no ha rellenado su perfil de Facebook.
4. (level) 
a. el perfil (M) 
My uncle has a high profile in the current government.Mi tío tiene un perfil alto en el gobierno actual.
transitive verb
5. (to make a profile) 
She was profiled in this week's Time magazine.Le hicieron un perfil en la revista Time de esta semana.
b. perfilar (Latin America) 
The detectives are profiling the suspect.Los detectives están perfilando al sospechoso.
6. (to draw a profile) 
a. perfilar 
The painter's main activity is to profile people.La actividad principal del pintor es perfilar a la gente.
1. (side view, outline) 
a. el perfil (M) 
to keep a low profilemantenerse en un segundo plano
2. (description) 
a. el retrato (M) 
transitive verb
3. (describe) 
a. retratar 
profile [ˈprəʊfaɪl]
1 (side view, outline) perfil (m)
her calm, dignified profile he had a beautiful profile Renaud was slender, with the aristocratic aquiline profile of an Italian nobleman his handsome profile was turned away from them the jagged profile of the mountains on the horizon 200 ft cliffs, their profiles weathered into outlines of faces modern glazing cut to fit the older stone profiles of the building
in profile de perfil
the brain, seen in profile here this picture shows the girl in profile the baby lay sideways, so his face was in profile he'd turned his head away - his face was in profile he turned his head to see himself in profile a crow in sharp black profile, like a silhouette she appeared at her best in profile
2 (description, portrait) reseña (f); perfil (m); (TV programme) perfil (m)
a television profile of Clint Eastwood a newspaper published profiles of the candidates' wives confused by the situation in Yugoslavia? - read our special profile of the different factions in tomorrow's issue she wanted to write profiles of the founders of the Party she doesn't [fit] the profile of the typical academic there are thousands of people who fit that profile his history of arson and cruelty to animals fitted the classic profile of a sociopathic killer he fits the profile of a typical dropout in many ways experts helped them build up a psychological profile of the killer he has drawn a psychological profile of Saddam and describes him as a judicious political calculator we are able to sketch a fairly complete psychological profile of those people who are most likely to develop cancer
3 (public image)
we want you to revamp the organization's public profile the changing demographic profile of Britain the classic profile of a high jumper is tall and slim - but powerful leg muscles are vital
her work with the Fund has given her a very high profile la labor que ha realizado para el Fondo ha dado gran relieve a su figura or la ha lanzado a un primer plano
military men continued to have a high profile in the administration los militares seguían ocupando una posición destacada en la administración
he is undisturbed by his high profile he has adopted a higher profile since the death of the prime minister I think this should be given a much higher profile in the final document a move that would give Egypt a much higher profile in the upcoming peace talks the movement was started in Korea, but it gained a high profile in the West when it moved to America hard-liners in the Kremlin seem to be taking an increasingly high profile at that time the sport did not have the high profile it currently enjoys the drug Valium has had a high profile Turkey has had a high profile in the Macedonian issue the Princess Royal was not expected to have a high profile to [keep] [maintain] a high profile he has used his Cabinet position to keep a high profile police and paramilitary troops have been maintaining an unusually high profile in the capital they have been unable to maintain the high profile they had in last year's campaign
to keep or maintain a low profile tratar de pasar desapercibido
the army and police kept a low profile during the march we'd better keep a low profile until the furore has died down the major presidential candidates are keeping low profiles today as they prepare for their last debate the vital thing was to keep a low profile - do nothing to draw attention to herself
to raise the profile of sth/sb realzar la imagen de algo/algn
the TV presentation I did helped raise my profile the campaign to raise the profile of cyclo-cross in Britain during my year as mayoress I hope to raise the profile of disabled people one of Mr Kennedy's main tasks will be to raise the profile of the party
transitive verb
1 (show in profile) perfilar
the mountains were profiled against the sunsetc her sharply profiled face had a tragic look this photo profiles her against a pale sky
2 (describe) [+situation, candidate] describir; [+person's life] hacer un perfil de
Tamar Golan, a Paris-based journalist, profiles the rebel leader our sports editor profiles the runners in the Grand National the report profiles the average drug user as middle-class and white in this report, John Burnett profiles the city of Monterrey, Mexico he's been assigned to profile the situation in Bosnia for the News at Ten last week one of France's most famous photographers died - Matthieu Duplay has profiled him for us in today's programme, Deborah Milne profiles the man whose family has ruled Kuwait for more than 200 years
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