1. (educator at a college or university) (United States) 
Our economics professor didn't show up today.Nuestro profesor de economía no vino hoy.
2. (university academic of the highest rank) (United Kingdom) 
The professor's lecture was very interesting.La clase del catedrático fue muy interesante.
1. (university) (United Kingdom) 
a. el catedrático(a) (M)la catedrático(a) (F) 
b. el profesor(ora) (M)la profesor(ora) (F) (United States) 
professor [prəˈfesəʳ]
1 (Britain) (US) (Univ) catedráticoacatedrática (m) (f) de universidad;a catedrática (de universidad)
Professor Cameron el catedrático Cameron; he is a professor of economics es catedrático de economía; full professor catedráticoacatedrática (m) (f) de universidad;a catedrática (de universidad)
he didn't want to give up his comfortable position as a full professor of environmental science at a California university she had the opportunity to become a full professor at the medical school
2 (US) (teacher) profesoraprofesora (m) (f) (universitarioauniversitaria);a profesora a universitaria
a science professor un profesor de ciencias
Harold Stevenson is a psychology professor at the University of Michigan a senior professor at a small Midwest institution
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