1. (not amateur) 
My goal is to become a professional dancer.Mi objetivo es convertirme en bailarina profesional.
b. de carrera (soldier) 
My husband is a professional soldier.Mi marido es soldado de carrera.
2. (expert) 
I needed professional help after my divorce.Necesité ayuda profesional tras mi divorcio.
3. (appropriate for a professional) 
The new flight attendants looked very professional.Los nuevos sobrecargos de vuelo parecían muy profesionales.
4. (relating to a profession) 
Our gym has lots of options for professional young people.Nuestro gimnasio tiene muchas opciones para jóvenes profesionales.
5. (not amateur) 
A good professional will continue learning new skills throughout his or her life.Un buen profesional seguirá formándose toda la vida.
6. (person in a profession) 
The health professionals went on strike in order to get better equipment.Los profesionales sanitarios se declararon en huelga para conseguir mejores equipos.
7. (competent person) 
The attack was carried out by a professional.El ataque fue perpetrado por un experto.
1. (general) 
a. el profesional (M)la profesional (F) 
b. el profesionista (M)la profesionista (F) (Mexico) 
2. (paid, competent) 
a. profesional 
3. (soldier) 
a. de carrera 
4. (army) 
a. profesional 
they made a very professional job of the repairhicieron la reparación con gran profesionalidad
to turn or go professionalhacerse profesional or
to take professional advice on somethingpedir asesoramiento sobre algo a un profesional or
professional misconductviolación de la ética profesional
professional [prəˈfeʃənl]
1 (non-amateur) [+sport, sportsperson, musician] profesional; [+soldier] de carrera
the British Army consists of professional soldiers; conscription was abolished thirty years ago
she's a professional singer es cantante profesional; he plays professional football se dedica al fútbol profesional
Chris retired from professional tennis two years ago Mr Buchanan is a professional photographer I've been a professional footballer since I left school they have a large conscript army unlike Britain's smaller professional army he started his professional life as a comedian
that boy's a professional trouble-maker ese niño es un alborotador profesional
to seek or take professional advice consultar a un profesional
before spending any money you ought to seek professional advice deberías consultar a un profesional antes de gastar nada de dinero
don't buy shares/invest money/take out a policy without seeking professional advice you should seek professional advice before buying a house before you start cutting down on calories to reduce your weight, you should get professional advice
I have sought professional advice and have been advised to go ahead with the case he consultado a un abogado y me ha aconsejado seguir adelante con el caso
she needs professional help for her depression necesita ayuda de un profesional para superar su depresión
to turn or go professional hacerse profesional; profesionalizarse
he turned down a massive offer to turn professional she turned professional at 17 Jack Nicklaus has played in every Major Championship since he turned professional in 1961 teenage tennis players can turn professional at 13
2 (employed in a profession)
the flat is ideal for the professional single person el piso es idóneo para el profesional soltero
professional women without children highly qualified professional people like doctors and engineers
3 (relating to a profession) profesional
he began his professional life as an accountant se inició en su vida profesional como contable; his professional conduct has come under scrutiny se está investigando su conducta profesional
she was very close to him in both his personal and professional life her professional career started at Liverpool University
4 (appropriate to a professional)
I was impressed by his professional approach su profesionalidad me causó muy buena impresión; that wasn't a very professional thing to do eso no fue propio de un profesional; eso fue una falta de profesionalidad
I don't think that was a very professional thing to do they run it with a truly professional but personal touch he had typed the whole scheme out in a very professional manner a professional approach to sth
5 (competent, skilled)
it was a very professional performance fue una representación hecha con mucha profesionalidad
a professional job obra (f) de un profesional or experto
you could tell the burglary was a professional job se veía que el robo fue obra de un profesional or de un experto; you've done a really professional job of the decorating has pintado la casa como un verdadero profesional or experto
iro hum
1 (non-amateur) profesional (m)
he has 17 major championship victories as a professional plus two amateur titles
2 (person employed in a profession) profesional (m)
sometimes you need to consult a professional Kate was a dedicated professional nurses, doctors, social workers, and other professionals hiring a professional is costly
health professional profesional (m) de la medicina
was a doctor or a health professional not contacted? they are sending surveys to more than 50,000 male health professionals, including dentists, veterinarians, optometrists and pharmacists
3 (expert) profesional (m); expertoaexperta (m) (f);a experta
the killing was the work of a professional el asesinato fue obra de un profesional or de un experto; Brenner was no ordinary thief, but a true professional Brenner no era un ladrón cualquiera, sino un verdadero profesional or experto
I think this is best left to the professionals we are all professionals at our jobs
golf professional golfista (m) profesional
there will be an experienced golf professional on hand to provide tuition
professional charges (n) honorarios (m) profesionales
the hospital bill you received does not cover the professional charges, surgical and anesthetist fees taxes, professional charges and promotional costs may account for up to 24% of the total cost of government housing projects she has agreed to waive her professional charges in this case
the professional classes (n) la gente de carrera
a residential area that attracts the professional classes the candidates are from the educated and professional classes - doctors, architects, engineers and so forth
professional fees (n) honorarios (m) profesionales
the hospital bill you received does not cover the professional charges, surgical and anesthetist fees taxes, professional fees and promotional costs may account for up to 24% of the total cost of government housing projects she has agreed to waive her professional fee in this case
professional foul (n) falta (f) profesional
he was sent off in the second minute for a professional foul
professional liability (n) responsabilidad (f) profesional
/the actuary had an errors and omissions professional liability policy/ but did not make a claim
professional misconduct (n) falta (f) de ética profesional
he was found guilty of professional misconduct se le declaró culpable de falta de ética profesional
any nurse accused of professional misconduct is entitled to a public disciplinary hearing
professional practice (n) (method) práctica (f) profesional; (career) vida (f) profesional
the professional practice of homoeopathy la práctica profesional de la homeopatía; in his professional practice he had come across many patients with similar symptoms en su vida profesional había atendido a muchos pacientes con síntomas parecidos; it is not good professional practice no es apropiado en el ejercicio de la profesión
they are debating what is and what is not good professional practice a book entitled "child abuse: public policy and professional practice"
professional qualification (n) título (m) profesional
the people involved had almost all had higher education in order to gain their professional qualifications she wanted to get a professional qualification in welfare work
professional school (n) (US) escuela (f) profesional superior
she will probably go on to graduate or professional school
professional services (n) servicios (m) prestados por profesionales
ask whether the counselors are licensed and registered with the state to provide professional services money paid for professional services, such as architects' fees fees for executives and consultants, or for other professional services
professional skills (n) técnicas (f) de la profesión
the scheme would help teachers to develop their professional skills the changing job market means people have to acquire new professional skills
professional standing (n) reputación (f) profesional
this is something that could prove hugely important to your personal and professional standing it creates a negative impression that won't help your professional standing her objective was to maintain her professional standing in order to be eligible for prospective research appointments
professional training (n) formación (f) profesional
he has no professional training or qualifications she had a year off before starting her professional training in Germany the institution provides professional training for artists in Britain
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