1. (occupation) 
I'm a lawyer. What's your profession?Yo soy abogado. ¿Cuál es tu profesión?
2. (professional collective) 
She decided to enter the medical profession.Decidió pasar a formar parte de la profesión médica.
3. (proclamation) 
He made his profession of vows at the cathedral.Hizo su profesión de votos en la catedral.
1. (occupation) 
a. la profesión (F) 
by professionde profesión
the teaching professionel profesorado
2. (declaration) 
a. la manifestación (F) 
profession [prəˈfeʃən]
1 (calling) profesión (f); oficio (m)
he did well in his chosen profession in his profession good connections are more important than ability she decided on law or journalism as her ultimate profession
by profession de profesión
he is an engineer by profession es ingeniero de profesión
Harper was a teacher by profession
the oldest profession el oficio más viejo
prostitution is sometimes called the oldest profession she would one day follow her mother into the oldest profession in the world
2 (body of people) profesión (f); cuerpo (m) profesional
the professions las profesiones; los cuerpos profesionales
to enter or join a profession entrar a formar parte de una profesión or un cuerpo profesional
a psychiatrist who had entered the profession in 1948 fewer people are entering the teaching profession than in any period in recent history the number of women entering the legal profession has risen dramatically only 75 per cent of women who joined the profession in 1982 are in permanent, full-time jobs only 20 per cent of jobs in the professions are held by women
the legal profession el cuerpo de abogados
the liberal professions las profesiones liberales
the major liberal professions such as law, medicine, pharmacy and engineering
the medical profession la profesión médica; el cuerpo médico
it is hotly debated by members of the medical profession the attitude of the medical profession is very much more liberal now the medical profession are doing a very difficult job
the teaching profession el cuerpo docente
a member of the teaching profession un miembro del cuerpo docente; to enter the teaching profession entrar en la docencia or la enseñanza
3 (declaration) declaración (f); manifestación (f)
there is something ludicrous in his professions of concern about the problem
profession of faith profesión (f) de fe
we believe that a national profession of faith can only be maintained by an Established Church thus Raeder made his profession of faith in the Party
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what is your profession
cuál es tu profesión
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