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to try; to get

"procurar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. (intentar)
  • procurar hacer algo -> to try to do something
  • procura llegar puntual -> try to arrive on time
  • procurar que… -> to make sure that…
  • procuraré que no les falte nada -> I'll try to make sure they have everything they need
2. to get, to secure (proporcionar)
  • nos procurarán todos los medios necesarios -> they will provide us with everything we need
pronomial verb
1. to get, to obtain
  • se procuró un trabajo en el extranjero -> she got herself a job abroad

procurar [pro-coo-rar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To solicit, to adopt measures for attaining an end, to try (intentar).
2. To procure, to manage (lograr), to transact for another.
3. To act as an attorney.
4. To get, to obtain (conseguir).
  • Procura conservar la calma -> try to keep calm
  • Por fin procuró dominarse -> eventually he managed to control himself

1 (intentar)
procurar hacer algo to try to do sth; endeavour o endeavor to do sth; (EEUU) procura conservar la calma do try to keep calm; procura que no te vean don't let them see you; take care not to let them see you
2 (conseguir) to get; obtain
procurar un puesto a algn to get sb a job; find a job for sb; esto nos procurará grandes beneficios this will bring us great benefits
3 (lograr)
procurar hacer algo to manage to do sth; succeed in doing sth; por fin procuró dominarse eventually he managed to control himself
procurarse algo to secure sth
nos procuramos la información necesaria

Verb Conjugations for "procurar" (go to to try; to get)


yo procuro procuré procuraba procuraría procuraré
procuras procuraste procurabas procurarías procurarás
él/ella/Ud. procura procuró procuraba procuraría procurará
nosotros procuramos procuramos procurábamos procuraríamos procuraremos
vosotros procuráis procurasteis procurabais procuraríais procuraréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. procuran procuraron procuraban procurarían procurarán
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