intransitive verb
1. (to continue) 
a. proseguir 
When my father became ill, we decided not to proceed with the purchase of the house.Cuando se enfermó mi padre, decidimos no proseguir con la compra de la casa.
b. continuar 
He was so overcome with emotion while giving the speech he was unable to proceed.Lo embargaba tanto la emoción mientras daba el discurso que no pudo continuar.
c. seguir 
We proceeded west until we came to the lake that was on the map.Seguimos en dirección oeste hasta llegar al lago que estaba en el mapa.
2. (to move forward) 
a. avanzar 
We were able to proceed once the obstruction had been cleared from the road.Cuando quitaron el obstáculo de la carretera, pudimos avanzar.
b. dirigirse 
We boarded the train and proceeded to the dining car.Subimos al tren y nos dirigimos al coche comedor.
3. (to act) 
a. proceder 
As this was unknown territory, he was waiting for instructions from his commanding officer on how to proceed.Como se encontraba en territorio desconocido, esperaba instrucciones del oficial al mando sobre cómo proceder.
4. (to originate) 
a. proceder 
The words proceeding from her mouth were completely unintelligible.Las palabras que procedían de su boca eran totalmente incomprensibles.
5. (legal) 
a. demandar 
There is not enough evidence to proceed against them under the Consumer Credit Protection Act.No hay suficientes pruebas para demandarlos según la Ley de Protección del Crédito al Consumidor.
transitive verb
6. (to say) 
a. proseguir 
"In any case," he proceeded, "we can't do anything yet.""En todo caso", prosiguió, "todavía no podemos hacer nada".
plural noun
7. (finance) 
A hundred percent of the proceeds from the bake sale go to the community shelter.Cien por ciento de las ganancias de la venta de pasteles financiará el albergue comunitario.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to proceed to do somethingproceder a hacer algo, ponerse a hacer algo
intransitive verb
2. (go on) 
a. proseguir 
to proceed with somethingseguir adelante con algo
to proceed with cautionproceder con cautela
how shall we proceed?¿cómo hemos de proceder?
3. (result) 
a. no direct translation 
to proceed fromproceder de
proceed [prəˈsiːd]
intransitive verb
1 (go) [+person, vehicle] avanzar; [+plan, project] desarrollarse; [+events] transcurrir
he was proceeding along the road avanzaba por la calle; things are proceeding according to plan las cosas se están desarrollando conforme estaban previstas; the march proceeded without incident la marcha transcurrió sin incidentes
negotiations are proceeding slowly cars should proceed slowly the ideas were not new - their development had proceeded steadily since the war efforts to reform the Interior Ministry have not yet proceeded very far she climbed the steps and proceeded along the upsta irs hallway the counting of votes is proceeding smoothly
2 (go on, continue) seguir; continuar
proceed! ¡siga!; ¡continúe!; ¡proceda! (formal); to proceed on one's way seguir or continuar su camino; before we proceed any further antes de seguir adelante
the ship was allowed to proceed after a search the text proceeds thus charges has been delayed until November because the defence is not ready to proceed consult your local borough surveyor and proceed from there
to proceed to sth: let us proceed to the next item pasemos al siguiente punto
to proceed to blows llegar a las manos
to proceed to business she's ready to proceed to the next stage (to place) we proceeded to London proseguimos viaje a Londres; we proceeded to the bar nos dirigimos al bar
to proceed to do sth pasar a hacer algo
she proceeded to outline my duties pasó a hacerme un esquema de mis obligaciones; he proceeded to drink the lot acto seguido comenzó a bebérselo todo
we can then proceed to compare the results he proceeded to give the boy a thrashing I then proceeded to tell her the whole story he asked for ice for his whiskey and proceeded to get contentedly drunk after taking details of your symptoms the doctor will proceed to examine you I give him the broken toy and he proceeds to smash it up further
to proceed with sth seguir adelante con algo
they did not proceed with the charges against him no siguieron adelante con los cargos contra él; proceed with your work sigan con su trabajo
they proceeded with their plan you may proceed with the next exercise the group proceeded with a march they knew would lead to bloodshed prosecutors decided not to proceed with the case Ukraine is proceeding with its plans to create its own army they asked the police if they could proceed with their filming
3 (act) proceder; obrar
we should proceed with caution debemos proceder or obrar con precaución
I am proceeding on that assumption how should we proceed? the council is due to meet in early August to decide how to proceed I was told they had agreed and I am proceeding on that basis
4 (arise)
to proceed from sth
sounds proceeded from the box unos ruidos procedían or provenían or venían de la caja; this proceeds from ignorance esto proviene de la ignorancia
the bests results proceed from thorough preliminary research unintelligible sounds proceeded from his mouth
5 (Jur)
to proceed against sb demandar a algn
government lawyers say they can still proceed against the four police officers it had been decided not to proceed against the men the authorities will be hesitant to proceed against your wife
transitive verb
(say) proseguir
"well," she proceeded —bueno —prosiguió
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Present Participle: prosiguiendo
Past Participle: proseguido
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