masculine noun
1. problem
  • el problema del terrorismo -> the terrorist problem, the problem of terrorism
  • los niños no causan más que problemas -> children cause nothing but trouble o problems
  • el problema es que no nos queda tiempo -> the problem o thing is that we don't have any time left

problema [pro-blay’-mah]
1. Problem, a doubtful question proposed. (m)
2. Problem, practical proposition. (Geometry) (m)

1 (dificultad) problem
el problema del paro the problem of unemployment; el problema es que no tengo tiempo the problem is I don't have time; si hay algún problema dímelo let me know if there is any problem; ¿tienes problemas de dinero? do you have any money worries o financial problems?; este coche nunca me ha dado problemas this car has never given me any trouble; no quiero problemas I don't want any trouble
2 (Matemáticas) problem
3 (México) (accidente) accident; mishap
(problemático) problem
niño problema problem child

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