• in privateen privado
1. soldado (m) raso (soldier)
  • private first class= rango del ejército de los Estados Unidos que se encuentra entre soldado raso y cabo(Estados Unidos)
2. privado(a), personal (personal)
  • private lifevida (f) privada
  • private member's bill(parlamento) = proyecto de ley propuesto de forma independiente por un diputado
  • private parts(familiar) partes (f pl) pudendas
3. privado(a) (secret)
  • private and confidentialprivado y confidencial
  • can we go somewhere private?¿podemos ir a un lugar donde estemos a solas?
4. particular (for personal use)
  • a private houseuna casa particular
  • private lessonsclases (f pl) particulares
  • private line(comunicaciones) línea (f) privada
  • private officeoficina (f) particular
  • private secretarysecretario(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) personal
5. privado(a) (not state-run)
  • private detective or investigator or
  • eye(familiar) detective (sustantivo masculino) or investigador(ora) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) privado(a)
  • private educationenseñanza (f) privada
  • private enterpriseempresa (f) privada
  • private schoolcolegio (m) privado
6. (not for the public)
  • a private partyuna fiesta particular or privada
  • private propertypropiedad (f) privada
  • private roadcarretera (f) particular
PRIVATE EDUCATION Hay más de 2.000 colegios privados en el Reino Unido que son independientes del gobierno, por lo que no tienen que seguir el programa de estudios nacional y suelen ofrecer una educación tradicional que incluye muchas actividades extraescolares, principalmente deportes. La educación en ellos no es gratuita y para atraer a los mejores alumnos algunos ofrecen becas o premios a méritos académicos, musicales o artísticos. Sin embargo, la mayoría de estas becas no cubren la matrícula del colegio. En Inglaterra y Gales algunos de estos centros, como por ejemplo Eton y Harrow, gozan de gran prestigio, pues han sido hasta hace poco los encargados de formar a la élite política, y reciben numerosas solicitudes de ingreso. Son los llamados “public schools”. En EE. UU., y hasta hace poco también en Escocia, el término “public school” se utiliza para designar una escuela pública.
private [ˈpraɪvɪt]
1 (not public) [+conversation, visit, land, matter] privado; [+letter, reason, opinion] personal; [+language] secreto; [+thoughts, grief, fantasy] íntimo
/don't bug private conversations/, and don't buy papers that reprint them /I had asked Mike for a private meeting/ to present my own notions about the company's problems cars parked on private land will be towed away she was in Washington on a private visit my private affairs are no one's business but my own she had told my wife it was a private matter and we respected that as many as 40 per cent of twins have a private language that excludes the rest of the family President Bush is expected on a private visit to Germany on Sunday he was buried in a private ceremony
it was a private wedding the wedding was private la boda se celebró en la intimidad
a private funeral will be held next week Brian Epstein was buried in a private ceremony at Long Lane Cemetery, Liverpool Clarence Thomas in a private ceremony was sworn in today as a new justice of the US Supreme Court it's a private matter between myself and my wife he instructed her never to publish his private letters we now know from his private letters, that Darrow would bribe jurors they have a private agreement to help each other the two sides have come to a private agreement over access rights he took early retirement for private reasons he must have had some private reason for doing it doubtless he had some private reason for doing that my private opinion is that ... at Windsor the Queen heard Harold Wilson's private reasons behind his shock decision to resign as prime minister he was deep in his own private thoughts we all felt as if we were intruding on his private grief the enactment of her private sexual fantasies
private (on door) privado; (on envelope) confidencial
mark the letter "private"
private and confidential confidencial
private fishing coto (m) de pesca
private parking aparcamiento (m) or estacionamiento (m) privado; (LAm)
when I mentioned "whiskers" the three of them burst out laughing. It must have been a private joke I guess
it's a silly private joke of ours es un chiste tonto que solo nosotras entendemos
when I mentioned "whiskers" the three of them burst out laughing. It must have been a private joke I guess He looked at her with a puzzled expression. "Sorry, it's a silly private joke," she explained I'm sorry - it's our private joke to [share] a private joke they smiled at each other as if sharing a private joke Often he would look up to see her smiling at him, as if sharing a private joke the waiters stood in a cluster, sharing a private joke that seemed to be at my expense
to keep sth private [+beliefs] no hablar de algo; [+opinions, views, doubts] guardarse algo; reservarse algo
keep to oneself
I have always kept my political beliefs private nunca he hablado de mis ideas políticas
many people keep their doubts private a man trained to listen and keep his private thoughts private mantener en la intimidad mantener en secreto
he was diagnosed with AIDS in 1994 but kept it private en 1994 le diagnosticaron SIDA pero lo mantuvo en secreto
didn't he have the right to keep his condition private, a matter just between himself and his family? most worried Tory MPs kept their views private it is hard for the royal family to keep their problems private
I want to keep this private quiero que esto quede entre nosotros
"have you thought of going to the police?" - "I can't. I don't want any publicity. I want to keep this private"
I've always tried to keep my private life private [+famous person] siempre he intentado mantener mi vida privada alejada de la mirada del público; [+ordinary person] siempre he intentado mantener mi vida privada fuera del alcance de los demás
once the family met him, Marianne's private life would be private no more the couple were desperate to keep the wedding private the private [ownership] of land they want to abolish private ownership of the means of production Brazil says its constitution forbids the private ownership of energy assets Gorbachev proposed a referendum on the private ownership of land
to be in private ownership ser propiedad privada
land which is in private ownership The company is now in private ownership again the container port is the largest in private ownership in the world
he's a very private person es una persona muy reservada
she has always been a rather private person Gould was an intensely private individual they were very private people, with almost no friends away from the glare of publicity he becomes an intensely private man
2 (own, individual) [+car, house, lesson, room] particular; [+bank account] personal
76 bedrooms, all with private bathrooms 76 habitaciones, cada una con su baño particular
he has his own private helicopter the landowners have had to sell their private aircraft martial arts: private lessons: £8 per hour Donald Tovey, who took her as his private pupil for the piano drug barons control their own private armies he had to give private lessons in mathematics to earn extra money
in a or one's private capacity a título personal
what our members say in their private capacity is their own affair however the chairman of the Israeli parliament, who is a Nazi concentration camp survivor, has agreed to meet the German delegation only in a private capacity the princess has consulted her in a private capacity
for your private information únicamente para su información
We've found the Jaguar and some of Mrs Vail's jewellery. However, that's for your private information
for private use para el uso personal
the pool is for the private use of hotel guests the land is destined for private use his dream was to convert an ex-naval vessel for private use
3 (independent) [+medicine, education, finance] privado; [+school] privado; particular
I'd rather go to an NHS hospital than to a private one are private hospitals necessarily better than public ones? Those employed by private hospitals, homes and clinics increased by 33,088
[+patient, tutor, teacher] particular
a private hospital una clínica (privada); un hospital privado or particular
she gave birth to a 6lb 13oz girl at a private hospital in London her 100-year-old uncle has been living in a private nursing home some private clinics offer HIV tests class size is often a reason for choosing private education a joint venture with private industry he goes to a private teacher for maths
he decided to take on private pupils decidió dar clases particulares
she's one of my private pupils
to go private [+patient] ir por lo privado; [+dentist, doctor] establecerse de forma privada; [+company] dejar de cotizar en bolsa
many could be forced to go private if their dentist's NHS list is full when it came to Tom's secondary school we decided to go private if all local dentists go private they will set up clinics with salaried NHS dentists the company went private in a leveraged buyout
4 (secluded) [+place] retirado
it was the only private place they could find
is there somewhere we can be private? ¿hay algún sitio donde podamos hablar en privado?
they want to be private there's no place to be private we were alone, completely private, with not even Angela present
1 (Mil) soldado (m) raso
one gunner in each battery was an NCO and the rest were privates
Private Jones el soldado Jones; Private Jones! ¡Jones!
in private: could I talk to you in private? ¿te puedo hablar en privado?
I have been told in private that ... me han dicho confidencialmente or en confianza que ...; the committee sat in private la comisión se reunió a puerta(s) cerrada(s) or en privado; the wedding was held in private la boda se celebró en la intimidad
some of what we're talking about might better be discussed in private
what people do in private is up to them lo que cada uno haga en su vida privada es asunto suyo
I don't mind what people do in private a nickname they only dared use in private they are always telling the public to tighten their belts but in private they indulge in luxury
3 privates partes (f) pudendas
he kicked me in the privates
private citizen (n) (Jur) particular (m)
the law's insistence that private citizens are not permitted to have weapons the interaction of the private individual with society all residential homes are subject to this regulation, whether run by private individuals, charities, or local authorities most of our donations come from private individuals
private company (n) empresa (f) privada; compañía (f) privada
Mr Maxwell has used his private company to buy the businesses which his public company wants to shed it may cost private companies a total of 76 m dollars to comply with the law
private detective (n) detective (m) privadoaprivada;a privada
the money enabled her to hire a private detective to search for evidence that would clear him
private enterprise (n) (industry) el sector privado; (initiative) la iniciativa privada
the government's policy of selling state companies to private enterprise controls which will hamper private enterprise
new employment laws which will hamper private enterprise nuevas leyes (f) laborales que van a dificultar el crecimiento del sector privado
He promised to kick start the economy, defeat inflation and encourage private enterprise the individual is being set free, private enterprise unleashed, bureaucracies shut down the Government applauds such firms for their private enterprise and go-getting approach
private enterprise economy (n) economía (f) capitalista; economía (f) de mercado
ashift from socialism to a private enterprise economy
private eye (n) (US) detective (m) privadoaprivada;a privada
Harmon plays a private eye hired by Mimi Rogers to investigate her husband's disappearance
private finance initiative (n) (Britain) plan de incentivos y potenciación de la iniciativa privada en el sector público
..rather than look to the Private Finance Initiative to bring in private funds
private health care (n) servicio (m) médico privado
the government wants to encourage those who can to buy private health care
private health insurance (n) seguro (m) médico privado
those who can't afford private health insurance are treated very differently by doctors to [take out] private health insurance
private hearing (n) (Jur) vista (f) a puertas cerradas
an Industrial Tribunal can protect employers by ordering a private hearing he was granted £150,000 bail at a private hearing before Mr Justice Alliott
private hotel (n) hotel (m) privado
private income (n) rentas (f)
he had a small private income they proposed that the Queen should pay tax on her private income
private individual (n) (Jur) particular (m)
private investigator (n) investigadorainvestigadora (m) (f) privadoaprivada;a investigadora a privada
the money enabled her to hire a private detective to search for evidence that would clear him
private law (n) derecho (m) privado
private life (n) vida (f) privada
I try to keep my private life private newspapers published details of her private life my private life is my own affair I've always kept my private and professional life separate she never spoke about her private life
in private life en su vida privada
in private life, Stella Rimington, the head of the secret service, is known as the mousy-haired wife of the head of the Health and Safety Executive Miss Bishop, in private life Lady Scott, is a member of the family
private limited company (n) sociedad (f) limitada
private line (n) (Telec) línea (f) particular
the Brigadier wasn't at the flat, so he tried the private line to his office she would ring Robert Maxwell at his office on his private line
private means (n) rentas (f)
most young families lack the private means to do this sort of thing
a man of private means un hombre que vive de sus rentas
Edwardian parsons and gentlemen of private means could do what they pleased
private member Private Member (n) (Britain) (Parl) diputadoadiputada (m) (f) sin responsabilidades de gobierno;a diputada
there were hundreds of amendments proposed by private members
Private Member's Bill (n) proyecto de ley presentado por un diputado a título personal
Tory MP Roger Sims's Private Member's Bill has the support of the Government
to introduce a Private Member's Bill presentar un proyecto de ley a título personal
she is to introduce a Private Member's Bill that would empower the courts to impose fines of up to £2,000
private parts (n) partes (f) pudendas
the artist had to paint over the offending private parts
private patient (n) paciente (m) privadoaprivada;a privada
she has decided to concentrate her practice solely on private patients the painful contrast between facilities for private and NHS patients
private pension (n) pensión (f) personal
private pension plan (n) plan (m) de pensiones personal
to [take out] a private pension
private pension scheme (n)
private pension plan See culture box in entry private.
private practice (n) (Med) consulta (f) privada
I began my private practice as a gynaecological surgeon he used two rooms of the house for his private practice which he carried out in addition to his consultancy duties in the hospital we are now a private practice because we could not afford to treat people on the NHS
to be in private practice (Med) ejercer la medicina de forma privada; he decided to set up in private practice decidió establecerse como médico privado
he is a psychoanalyst in private practice Robert E. Jones, now an attorney in private practice all solicitors, whether in the public sector or private practice
private property (n) propiedad (f) privada
communists, who want more State control over private property "clear out!" he bawled - "this is private property!" in 1975 the Mengistu government nationalized private property
private property rights (n) derechos (m) de propiedad
the government is a staunch defender of private property rights he had given them private property rights over a large section of the meadow
private prosecution (n) (Jur) demanda (f) civil
to bring a private prosecution against sb presentar una demanda civil contra algn
the family tried to bring a private prosecution against him for assault
private school (n) escuela (f) privada; escuela (f) particular
he attended Eton, the most exclusive private school in Britain I went to an expensive private school
private secretary (n) secretarioasecretaria (m) (f) particular;a secretaria
I took the precaution of clearing out my desk before I left, and only my private secretary knows it
the private sector (n) el sector privado
in the private sector, urban salaried workers have been able to obtain higher incomes staff at the jail agreed yesterday to back proposals to compete with the private sector for the contract to run the prison small firms in the private sector the gap between the salaries of public and private sector employees at the moment there is no private-sector involvement in the provision of these services the project has been made possible by private-sector investment private sector companies cannot meet the growing demand in oil and gas development
private soldier (n) soldado (m) raso
sergeants and corporals outnumber private soldiers
private view private viewing (n) visita (f) privada (a una exposición)
by the end of the private viewing, there were only two pictures left unsold they held a fund-raising dinner and private viewing at the Royal Academy
transitive verb
1. (general) 
privar a alguien/algo deto deprive somebody/something of
privar a alguien de hacer algoto forbid somebody to do something
intransitive verb
2. (gustar) 
le privan los pasteleshe adores cakes
3. (estar de moda) 
a. to be in (fashion) 
4. (beber) 
a. to booze 
pronominal verb
5. (general) 
privarse deto go without
transitive verb
1 (despojar)
privar a algn de algo to deprive sb of sth; take sth away from sb; privar a algn del conocimiento to render sb unconscious; lo privaron del carnet de conducir they suspended his driving licence; they took away his driving licence; quedaron privados de electricidad they were without electricity; nos vimos privados de su compañía we found ourselves deprived of her company
nos vemos privados de ... se vieron privados de la victoria se vieron privados de cualquier contacto con el exterior
2 (prohibir)
privar a algn de hacer algo to forbid sb to do sth; prevent sb from doing sth; no me prives de verte don't forbid me to come to see you; don't tell me not to come again
3 (impedir) to prevent
lo cual me privó de verlos which prevented me from seeing them
4 (extasiar) to delight; overwhelm
intransitive verb
1 (gustar mucho)
las motos me privan I'm mad about motorbikes (familiar)
2 (estar de moda) to be in fashion; be the thing; be all the rage (familiar)
en ese periodo privaba la minifalda at that time miniskirts were in o were all the rage (familiar); la cualidad que más priva entre ellos the quality which is most strongly present in them; priva en algunos públicos it's popular with some audiences
pronominal verb
privarse de algo (abstenerse) to deprive o.s. of sth; (renunciar) to give sth up; forgo sth; no se privan de nada they don't want for anything; they lack nothing
se privaba de la merienda y se la daba todos los días a las ovejas no se privó de llamarme déspota o dictador estuvo reivindicativo y no se privó de hacer una alusión maliciosa al alcalde. No hay periodista que se precie de su éxito que se prive de emitir su opinión,
transitive verb
intransitive verb
(beber) to booze (familiar)
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