1. (correctional facility) 
My father works as a guard at the state prison.Mi padre trabaja como guardia en la prisión estatal.
He was in prison on a wrongful conviction, but now he's been acquitted.Estuvo en la cárcel por una condena injusta, pero ahora lo absolvieron.
2. (imprisonment) 
Even one year of prison can change you forever.Aun un año de prisión te puede cambiar de por siempre.
The organization isn't sure that prison is always the best option.La organización no está convencida de que la cárcel siempre sea la mejor opción.
3. (figurative) 
I've been working such long hours that the office has become a prison.He estado trabajando tantas horas que la oficina se ha convertido en prisión.
1. (general) 
a. la cárcel f, prisión (F) 
prison campcampo de prisioneros
prison officerfuncionario(a) de prisiones
prison [ˈprɪzn]
1 (place) cárcel (f); prisión (f)
we should try to keep young people out of prison the prison's inmates are being kept in their cells the gas chamber at San Quentin Prison he had been through a series of institutions from orphanages to high security prisons
to be in prison estar en la cárcel; estar en prisión
he was in prison for five years
to go to prison for five years (be sentenced) ser condenado a cinco años de cárcel or prisión; (be imprisoned) pasar cinco años en la cárcel or en prisión
/she may have to go to prison/ as a result of what she has done he went to prison for five years maximum security prison he is now being held in a maximum security prison, charged with terrorism inmates at a maximum security prison in upstate New York have taken several prison guards hostage why was a rapist put in an open prison in the first place? Kempster was on home leave from New Hall open prison
to put sb in prison encarcelar a algn
she was told she could be put in prison if she did not pay up their only interest in putting you in prison is to make certain you don't commit another crime it was his total lack of scruples that put him in prison in the first place
to release sb from prison poner a algn en libertad; excarcelar a algn (formal)
he could be released from prison tomorrow they released Mr Mandela from prison in 1990
to send sb to prison (imprison) encarcelar a algn
to send sb to prison for two years (sentence) condenar a algn a dos años de prisión
he was eventually sent to prison for a very long time
2 (imprisonment) prisión (f); cárcel (f)
are there alternatives to prison? ¿existen alternativas a la prisión or cárcel?
their marriage had become a prison I had created my own prison by telling so many lies
the court ordered prison authorities to make special arrangements for Mr Zardari the Act gives discretionary powers to the prison authorities prison authorities yesterday launched a review of security
prison break (n) fuga (f) (de la cárcel)
prison camp (n) campamento (m) para prisioneros
he was shot down over Denmark and spent three years in a prison camp soldiers who have recently been released from prison camps he succeeded in escaping from a prison camp in Germany
prison cell (n) celda (f) de la cárcel or prisión
he plotted the escape from his prison cell she lay dying in a prison cell the number of prison cells is being increased from 3,000 in 1975 to approximately 8,000 by 1992 he arrested the colonel who blew the whistle on corruption and sent him to a prison colony prisoners went on hunger strike, protesting against prison en 40 inmates smashed their way on to the roof
prison governor (n) directoradirectora (m) (f) de (la) prisión;a directora
prison life (n) vida (f) en la cárcel
prison officer (n) carceleroacarcelera (m) (f);a carcelera
prison population (n) número (m) de reclusos
a prison population of 44,000 prison populations are rising
prison riot (n) motín (m) carcelario
prison sentence (n) (Britain) condena (f)
she has just started a 15 year prison sentence
the prison service (n) los servicios penitenciarios
a bill destined to privatize part of the prison service the Scottish Prison Service is engaged on an ambitious programme of reviewing parole procedures when I first joined the prison service it was all different England has a prison staff of 32,000 prison staff were arriving for the morning shift a member of prison staff
prison system (n) sistema (m) penitenciario
an expansion of the present capacity of the prison system is required an important step towards a fundamental reform of the prison system we have a prison system that's already overcrowded many of these men have already been through the prison system and have attacked again after their release
prison term (n) (US)
prison sentence See culture box in entry prison.
prison van (n) coche (m) celular
a large white prison van draws up outside he was led in handcuffs to an armoured prison van
prison visitor (n) visitante (m) de la prisión
prison visitors are subject to regulations regarding visits
prison warden (n) (US)
prison governor See culture box in entry prison.
prison yard (n) patio (m) de (la) cárcel
we were called to the main prison yard for exercise he was made to stand all day in the prison yard
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prison break
fuga de la cárcel
prison cell
la celda
in prison
en la cárcel
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