1. (important matter) 
Our top priority is to bring the hostages back home safe and sound.Nuestra máxima prioridad es traer a los rehenes de vuelta sanos y salvos.
Right now, my studies are my priority.Para mí, ahora mismo, lo primero son mis estudios.
2. (precedence) 
She gives priority to her family over her job.Le da prioridad a su familia sobre su trabajo.
The child's well-being should take priority over everything else.El bienestar del niño debe tener preferencia sobre todo lo demás.
We give high priority to the presentation of the dishes.Le damos gran importancia a la presentación de los platos.
3. (transport) (United Kingdom) 
Ambulances are always given priority in traffic.Las ambulancias siempre tienen preferencia en el tráfico.
4. (preferential) 
Internet orders get priority treatment.Los pedidos realizados por Internet reciben un trato prioritario.
1. (general) 
a. la prioridad (F) 
to have or take priority over something/somebodytener prioridad respecto a algo/alguien
we need to get our priorities righttenemos que establecer un orden de prioridades
you should get your priorities right!¡tienes que darte cuenta de lo que es verdaderamente importante!
priority [praɪˈɒrɪtɪ]
una buena política de aparcamientos disuasorios, yo estoy absolutamente convencido que tiene que ser prioridad # de todos) es prioridad para el gobierno
2 (precedence) prioridad (f)
to give sth/sb prioritygive priority to sth/sb dar prioridad a algo/algn
the school will give priority to science, maths and modern languages they give priority to investigating attacks on immigrants the proposals deserve support as they give priority to the needs of children these children are given priority when day nursery places are allocated the trade unions must give priority to protecting the interests of their members to give a high/low priority to sth
to give sth (a) high/low priority dar mucha/poca importancia a algo
competence in languages is given a high priority in management training industry seems to give a low priority to research and investment the enforcement of this law was not given a high priority
to give sth top priority dar máxima prioridad a algo
the school gives first priority to children from particular roads or housing estates
housing must be given top priority el problema de la vivienda debe tener máxima prioridad
to have or take priority (over sth/sb) tener prioridad (sobre algo/algn)
work takes priority when I'm on my own it's starting to take priority over everything else the fight against inflation took priority over measures to combat the deepening recession I disagree with the premise that economic development has priority over the environment the question of laser beams will take priority find out about admission for nursery schools - single parents and special-needs children may have priority
in (strict) order of priority por (estricto) orden de prioridad
list your objectives in order of priority they will be given out in strict order of priority
3 (concern, aim) prioridad (f)
try to decide what your priorities are intenta establecer tu orden de prioridades; it should be a priority for all of us tiene que ser prioridad de todos nosotros; debería ser lo más importante or lo principal para todos nosotros
why spend hours worrying about the wording of an internal memo when we've got a book to get to the typesetters in three weeks. We must get our priorities right we have never thought enough about pensions and what happens when we are forced to retire. At this stage in our lives we must get our priorities right grown-ups have a different set of priorities conflicting priorities are causing problems in the planning process the government's priority is to build more power plants there is little attempt to find out the priorities of the public
to set spending priorities repartir los gastos por orden de prioridad
managers have to make choices and set spending priorities the commission is urging the president to set priorities it is essential to establish some clear priorities between these projects
our first priority is to cut costs nuestra máxima prioridad es reducir los gastos
being a parent is her first priority
she made it clear where her priorities lay dejó bien claro cuáles eran sus prioridades
to be high/low on sb's list of priorities ocupar un lugar alto/bajo en el orden de prioridades de algn
it's not exactly high on my list of priorities schools were low on the list of priorities communicating with their parents is rarely at the top of their list of priorities he was determined to make a new kitchen top of his list of priorities when he moved in Many employers put the health of their workforce fairly low on their list of priorities
my number one or top priority lo más importante para mí
his number one priority in life is having fun economic growth is the number one priority my top priority is to do all I can to help the poor punctuality will continue to be one of our top priorities reducing debt is a top priority for me, the top priority is to get a chance to play in the World Cup finals I'll leave you to sort this one out - top priority - keep me informed
we must get our priorities right tenemos que tener claro cuáles son nuestras prioridades; tenemos que tener claro qué es lo más importante or lo principal para nosotros
4 (on highway) preferencia (f) de paso
drivers on the right have priority los conductores de la derecha tienen preferencia de paso
priority case (n) caso (m) prioritario
the waiting list now contains a thousand priority cases single-parent families and the mentally ill are priority cases for help with housing if you are homeless and a priority case your local authority has an obligation to provide permanent accommodation
priority share (n) acción (f) prioritaria
priority treatment (n) trato (m) preferente
they lived in an area that was considered to be in need of priority treatment they assured me I would get priority treatment because I was a woman the company gave us top priority treatment as one of their best clients
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