transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. imprimir 
When you are finished with your report, I need you to print it immediately. Cuando haya terminado con su informe, necesito que lo imprima inmediatamente.
2. (photography) 
You need to print negatives seven through ten. Hay que sacar copias de los negativos siete al diez.
3. (to write block letters) 
Print the requested information legibly. Escribe la información solicitada legiblemente con letra de molde.
4. (characters) 
a. la letra (F) 
The print is too small. I need my glasses to read this. La letra está demasiado pequeña. Necesito mis lentes para leer esto.
5. (fingers) 
a. la huella (F) 
The burglar left his prints on the window. El ladrón dejó sus huellas en la ventana.
6. (pattern) 
What a lovely print your summer dress has!¡Que bonito estampado tiene tu vestido!
7. (art) 
I have a beautiful print from an artist in Puerto Vallarta. Tengo un grabado bello de un artista en Puerto Vallarta.
intransitive verb
8. (to write block letters) 
Can I use cursive? - No. Please print.¿Puedo escribir en cursiva? - No. Por favor, escribe con letra de molde.
9. (printing) 
a. imprimir 
Lower your costs by printing with us. Reduce sus gastos al imprimir con nosotros.
1. (of fingers, feet) 
a. la huella (F) 
2. (printed matter) 
a. no direct translation 
in printimpreso(a)
out of print, no longer in printagotado(a)
to appear in printaparecer impreso(a)
print runtirada f
3. (characters) 
a. el caracteres (M) 
4. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
the small printla letra pequeña
5. (engraving) 
a. el grabado (M) 
6. (photographic copy) 
a. la copia (F) 
7. (textile) 
a. el estampado (M) 
transitive verb
8. (book) 
a. imprimir 
9. (newspaper) 
a. publicar 
the image had printed itself on her memoryse le quedó la imagen grabada en la memoria
10. (write clearly) 
a. escribir claramente 
11. (in photography) 
a. no direct translation 
to print a negativesacar copias de un negativo
intransitive verb
12. (write clearly) 
a. escribir con claridad 
print [prɪnt]
1 (Tip) (letters) letra (f); (printed matter) texto (m) impreso
I can't read this print, it's too small no puedo leer esta letra, es demasiado pequeña; columns of tiny print columnas (f) de letra pequeña or menuda; it presents the reader with solid masses of print enfrenta al lector con largos párrafos de texto (impreso) ininterrumpido
the high quality print of a laser printer the numbers are written in this rather stylized thick square print business writing no longer presents the reader with solid masses of print he likes to see himself in print he wasn't prepared to say it in print Atlanta Coach Dan Henning attacked him in print for his slipshod approach I will not mention his name in print I honestly don't think that anything I say in cold print will convince anyone
in bold print en negrita
the fine print la letra pequeña or menuda
read the fine print and find out exactly what the policy will cover the US embassy says the fine print needs to be worked out on the trade agreement between the United States and the European Community read the [fine] print before you sign
to be in print (be published) estar publicado; (be available) estar a la venta
/why was this book in print?/ - no one in their right mind would want to read it I think you'll find it's still in print many of their books have been in print for nearly 40 years Express Music will get any available title in print "[books] [in] print"
to appear in print [+work] publicarse; the first time the term appeared in print was in 1530 la primera vez que apareció el término en una publicación fue en 1530
many of these poets appeared in print only long after their deaths...
to get into print publicarse
we don't want that to get into print I've got into print at last! There was no immediate prospect of the diaries' getting into print
in large print con letra grande
a poster proclaimed in large print that auctions were held monthly
to be out of print estar agotado
I believe the book is now out of print, but it can easily be borrowed from libraries the Macmillan edition is out of print
to go out of print agotarse
the book went out of print within six months of being published
to rush into print lanzarse a publicar
Independent strategic analysts have rushed into print with alternative proposals they do tend to rush into print at the slightest suggestion Critics rushed into print with lists of indictable precedents She rushed into print with her book A Question Of Judgement to tell her story
in small print con letra pequeña or menuda
in small print there was the note, "check local store for exact hours" a clause in small print a the back of the brochure
read the small print before you sign lea la letra pequeña or menuda antes de firmar
we haven't seen the small print yet, but the contract appears OK in principle she looked at the small print at the bottom of the section
2 (mark, imprint) [of foot, finger, tyre] huella (f); marca (f); (fingerprint) huella (f) digital; huella (f) dactilar
his feet left prints in the soft soil he crawled from print to print, sniffing at the earth, following the scent left in the tracks a few yards towards the river was the unmistakable print of a foot fresh prints of both girls were found in the flat "did you have the other prints on the glass checked to see if they were Mrs Rickmore's?" Doug found himself touching the bell push gingerly for fear of leaving a print rough-patterned prints of army trucks, narrower prints of a jeep his photos captured the print of tire treads passing over Pasolini's back a single set of [boot] prints in the snow
to take sb's prints tomar las huellas digitales or dactilares a algn
we took his prints but they didn't match the ones on the gun hoof: hoof print paw: paw print
3 (fabric) estampado (m)
her mother wore one of her dark summer prints the designs in both books are principally flower and stripe prints Indian cotton, Thai silk, batik prints silk halternecks were in black, green and tan jungle prints
a cotton print un estampado de algodón
someone had curtained the windows with a cotton print of roses on a blue background
4 (Art) (etching, woodcut, lithograph) grabado (m); (reproduction) reproducción (f)
12 original copper plates engraved by William Hogarth for his famous series of prints Lady Hargreaves wanted sporting prints cheap prints of old masters hung on the walls Cross sank into a chair and stared at a print of the Moscow subway that hung on the wall screen: screen print
5 (Fot) (Cine) copia (f)
to make a print from a negative the prints were underdeveloped [black and white]/[colour] prints black and white prints of Margaret and Jean as children 35mm colour print films you can order both black-and-white and color prints
transitive verb
1 (set in print) [+letters, text] imprimir; [+money] emitir
they printed 300 copies hicieron una tirada de 300 ejemplares; printed in England impreso en Inglaterra
the book is being printed just now I had invitations printed our brochure is printed on environmentally-friendly paper the number printed on the receipt the company has for some time printed its phone number on its products "Ecu" was printed in lower case rather than capital letters a clear glass bottle with CASTORIA plainly printed in raised letters on one side his image was printed on stamps and on money a spendthrift government can't just print money to finance its budget deficit the Slovene bank has printed a specimen bank note
printed by impreso por
to print sth on or onto sth estampar algo en algo
motifs printed on chiffon dresses a kind of housecoat with bright flowers and birds printed on it
2 (write in block letters) escribir con or en letra de imprenta; escribir con or en letra de molde
print it in block capitals escríbalo con or en mayúsculas
print your name and address on a postcard and send it to us
3 (Fot) [+negative] imprimir; [+photo] sacar una copia de; [+copy] sacar
I'd like you to print two copies of each picture I selected two negatives to print printing a black-and-white negative on to colour paper produces a similar monochrome effect
4 grabar
on the mind
her face was printed in my mind su cara se me había quedado grabada en la mente
he did not need his favourite books to be read aloud, as he explained that they were printed in his mind
intransitive verb
[+person] escribir con or en letra de imprenta; escribir con or en letra de molde; [+machine] imprimir; [+negative] salir
the book is printing now el libro está en la imprenta en este momento
she has learnt how to print but can't do joined up writing as long as you print fairly clearly, you don't have to learn any new typing skills printing presses only earn money while they are printing machines that can print on both sides of a page sit down and read that: it is a proof-sheet of [the Gazette that is now printing this negative hasn't printed too well
print dress (n) vestido (m) estampado
a blue print dress and jacket
print journalist (n) periodista (m) de prensa escrita
Michael Braham, a print journalist turned-TV producer reporting has changed - print journalists are now using electronics I would like to see print journalists and radio journalists grab video cameras and go out and do stories in the old days when etching was in flower, the old print makers would go away out into the country to cook up their ink a lithographer and print maker, she first made her mark in 1946
print media (n) medios (m) de comunicación impresos
commercials for radio, television and print media we expected more than the usual exposure in the print media the communications revolution moved from print media to broadcast media
print reporter (n) (US)
print journalist See culture box in entry print.
print run (n) tirada (f)
it goes on sale in the US tomorrow with an initial print run of 200,000 its original print run of 1,000 might soon be repeated with the Major story on the cover, an extra print run had been ordered in anticipation
print shop (n) (Tip) imprenta (f); (art shop) tienda (f) de grabados
the noise of the print shop was reduced to a dull and distant hum there he set up a print shop called the Tanizaki Printers I often used to visit the typesetters at our print shop
print union (n) sindicato (m) de tipógrafos
the print unions were opposed to the new technology as it threatened the jobs of their members she became general secretary of the print union Sogat
print worker (n) tipógrafoatipógrafa (m) (f);a tipógrafa
employers for metal workers and print workers, including the newspaper industry, have refused to budge from an offer of just over 3%
Verb Conjugations for imprimir
Present Participle: imprimiendo
Past Participle: imprimido,impreso
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