masculine noun
1. beginning, start (comienzo)
  • el principio del fin -> the beginning of the end
  • del principio al fin, desde el principio hasta el fin -> from beginning to end, from start to finish
  • a principios de -> at the beginning of
  • al principio -> at first, in the beginning
  • en principio quedamos en hacer una reunión el jueves -> provisionally o unless you hear otherwise, we've arranged to meet on Thursday
  • en un principio -> at first
2. principle (fundamento, ley)
  • en principio -> in principle
  • por principio -> on principle
3. origin, source (origen)
4. element (elemento)
  • principio activo -> active ingredient
  • principios -> principles; (reglas de conducta) rudiments, first principles (nociones)

principio [prin-thee’-pe-o]
1. Beginning (comienzo), commencement. (m)
2. Principle, element, constituent part. (m)
3. Principle, original cause; ground of action, motive; origin (origen), fountain. (m)
4. Principle, first position, fundamental truth. (m)
5. Principle, first on which morality is founded (moral). (m)
6. Any of the courses served up at table besides the boiled meat. (m)
7. An element or body not decomposable by means now at command. (Chemistry) (m)
  • Principios, the preliminaries to a volume, as license, approbation, dedication, etc. Al principi -> or a los principios, at the beginning
  • Del principio al fin -> from beginning to end
  • Bajo el mismo principio -> on the same ground
  • A principios del mes -> early in the month

1 (comienzo) beginning
al principio at first; in the beginning
a principios de
a principios del verano at the beginning of the summer; early in the summer; desde el principio from the first; from the outset; desde el principio hasta el fin from start to finish; from beginning to end; en un principio at first; to start with; dar principio a algo to start sth off; tener principio en algo to start from sth; be based on sth
2 principios (nociones) rudiments; first notions
"Principios de física" "Introduction to Physics"; "Outline of Physics"
3 (norma) principle
persona de principios man of principles; en principio in principle; por principio on principle; es inmoral por principio it is immoral in principle; sin principios unprincipled; el principio de la legalidad the force of law; the rule of law
4 (Filosofía) principle
5 (Química) element; constituent
6 (Culin) entrée

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